Taking the plunge with Advocare (kind of)

Taking the Plunge with Advocare (kind of)My brother travels a LOT of work. He is gone a TON! I mean like 5 months out of the year total. It is very hard on both him and his body. Imagine traveling to amazing locations like London and Sydney, yes it’s amazing but you are living out of a hotel without a kitchen. It can be really tough to eat healthy. Plus you want to eat all of the local delicacies, which can mean splurging on your calories. He was in search of a way to eat super healthy and get rid of all of the junk in his system from flying around the world.

One visit he we were having lunch and he said to me have you ever heard of Advocare? I rolled my eyes and said, “I have heard of it but you know I cannot do any kind of diet stuff.” He proceeded to explain to me the benefits of it and how it is mostly vitamins and minerals. Essentially you are not looking to loose weight on it, rather you are looking to overhaul your body internally, making it run smarter and cleaner. Again I nodded politely and listened thinking the whole time, “He is nuts!”. Don’t get me wrong a lot of what he was saying was making sense and really it seems more like a retraining for your body than anything.

He and his girlfriend were going to start the 24 day challenge in next day and I was curious to see what was going to happen. Then I learned that my mother, who is really the total opposite of me and is super open to trying new things like this, was going to do it. Now I got intrigued. Lastly, I learned my father, (of all people) who never wants to do anything, he likes his habitats and that is that, was doing it. Now I was excited!

I watched and they saw results. It was pretty cool. They lost a little bit of weight and saw a bit of change. It didn’t seem to affect them negatively in anyway. In fact I saw my mom’s eating habits improve greatly. I want to clarify this statement. I never thought she ate enough. She is big on not eating and I was always told by my doctor to eat smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three big meals. She would usually have one small itty bitty meal and a big dinner. Once she started eating the smaller meals and her energy level greatly improved and she seemed to really like it.

A couple of months went by and both my mom and my brother actually kept using a bunch of the products you are introduced to in the Advocare system, like this amazing little drink called Spark; more on that later. They kept whatever weight they lost off and basically felt better.

Then my mom and brother spoke to my husband. They were doing to 24 day challenge again and wanted to know if we would be interested. He saw the benefits that she reaped from it the first time and decided that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to try. I on the other hand had to say no. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for almost two years now and I just had surgery to try and improve things, I don’t want anything to potentially mess that up. Putting any kind of extra anything into my body is not on my to do list right now. I even spoke with my doctor about it and he said no. But hubby was on board.

Here is the perfect example of two totally different people wanting to do this for two totally different reasons. My mom is more weight loss and feeling better. My husband is more maintenance and performance enhancement. He is a HUGE runner. He runs 10 miles 4 times or more a week. The last thing he needs is to loose weight. He decided he wanted to give it a try. The only thing is that if he tries it, really we both do. There is a meal plan that goes with the 24 day challenge. They don’t ship you food or anything; you just make smarter choices. With that in mind I said, “Okay if you are going to do this I will too. What’s the worst that can happen? I might just be hungry a lot.”

Well, we are in the middle of it and I have to say that I honestly really like the program. It is a ton of pills to watch him take but he keeps telling me he feels the energy improvement. In the beginning you do a cleanse phase and he didn’t like that. It made him a bit tired but after the first couple days he bounced right back. The diet is honestly not that different from how we were eating before. It is actually more than we were eating before. You just cut out the crap, like crackers and sweets. The only big down side is you go to the bathroom a LOT more. I mean a lot more, you drink a ton of water, which we all should be doing anyway but rarely do. This diet has that as a big focus.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to share this with you and see what you think about it. I will let you know what I think about the diet and give you the details about the products and such next week! If you want to check it out in the mean time here is a link Advocare!

Wish me Luck,

The Perfectionist Mom



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