The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge – Basics

As I mentioned in my previous post my husband and I have started the Advocare 24 day challenge and it is very interesting. If you have never heard of Advocare or the Advocare Challenge check it out here!

To be totally 100% upfront and honest we do not know everything about Advocare we are still learning and I am not actually doing the entire 24 day challenge. I am trying to get pregnant and have been trying for quite a while. After I spoke with my doctor about the products he advised against doing the entire cleanse and showed me what products would be safe to take in the event we were to get our miracle.

I wanted to give you the total low down about the diet. From what you can eat, what you can’t, to how all those pills make you feel, and what about exercise.AdvoCare 24 Day Challege - The basicsLets start with the diet. It is actually surprisingly basic. The general idea is clean eating. That is a big trend right now and honestly I am kind of surprised it has taken this long. Basically eat what nature gives you. Stop with the processed foods, the junk food and the drinks containing more calories and sugar than some desserts. Be smart about what you are putting into your body. Fruits, veggies, proteins, complex carbs, these are the staples of a healthy diet. The other thing they encourage you to do is eat 6 smaller meals so that you blood sugar stays at an even level throughout the day. This takes a LOT of getting use to but is so worth it.

I was never a big eater. I would eat a lot in a sitting but I would often skip breakfast or lunch simply because I was too busy and thought, “I don’t need to eat right now.” Well, it appears I was very wrong. Forcing myself to eat the 6 smaller meals throughout the day has made me feel better than I have in a long time. I, just like a lot of people, am a slave to my blood sugar. When it dips I get tired, cranky, unfocused and generally blah. Eating more often kept that from happening. I like I said it does take some getting use to and there were days I had to force myself to stop and eat. Very important point here…when they say 6 smaller meals they mean smaller. When a person eats like this it can become very easy to go over in your calories. The 3 “in-between meals” should be fruit and veggies. You may want to add some nuts in there or a cheese stick but this is not a full large meal, remember that!

There are a bunch of things you are not supposed to eat on the 24 day cleanse. They are of course the typical offenders, soda, fried foods, processed foods, sugar (including candy), creamy sauces, white flour, alcohol and partially hydrogenated oils. There are things you need to limit like high fat dairy, certain fruits, and healthy butters. They want you to eat, they want it to be easy for you, they just want you to be smart. Everything in life is moderation this is no different.

The general cleanse is not about loosing weight. I repeat it is NOT about loosing weight, that is a bonus. It is about cleansing your system of all of the junk we put into our bodies and then helping it function as your body truly should. There are a bunch of vitamin pills you take on the diet. My husband, who is very health conscious barely takes anything more than a multivitamin and the occasional tylenol, had a bit of a problem with this at first. You are taking a lot and it takes time to get used to. During the Cleanse phase there is a total of 6 pills throughout the day. Then on the second phase the Max phase you take a total of 16 pills per day. You can break them up depending on how you want to take them. Most of these are just vitamins and hubby said they didn’t really make him feel any different.

The Cleanse phase was tougher than the Max phase for him. You drink a fiber drink in the morning which messed with his stomach a bit, but that is what it is supposed to do. The other thing you drink which we are both now HUGE fans of is called SPARK! It is AdvoCare’s version of an energy drink. Let me tell you it is amazing. As I said I am not able to take 99% of these products but this is one my doc approved. It contains tons of vitamins and gives you a real boost. It does contain caffeine, 120 mg of it, less than a cup of fully leaded coffee. Here was my big seller, I am a chronic migraine suffer, SPARK helped my headaches tremendously. I don’t know why but it did.

Granted I am drinking more water since starting this, a LOT more water. I don’t think people generally realize how we dehydrate our bodies, I know I didn’t. They want you to drink your body weight divided by 2. Meaning if you weigh 150 lbs you will need approximately 75 ounces per day equaling (again approximately) 10 cups. Remember there are 8oz in a cup and usually more than one cup in a glass.┬áThis will have you running to the bathroom a LOT more but you get used to it.

Lastly, exercise. Spoiler alert…it is encouraged! Shocker I know, but seriously, everyone should be exercising in one form or another daily. Even if you are taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes it is better than sitting for the entire day. You need to get up and move that body, it will make you feel better. I promise. During the Cleanse phase exercise can be daunting. Start slow. You are changing your eating and drinking habits along with adding new elements to your diet. If you cannot work out everyday that is okay just make sure you don’t stop all together.

So there you have it diet, pills, exercise. There are also meal replacement shakes which they encourage and are not half bad. I may have missed something but in general this 24 day challenge will have you feeling good about what you are putting into your body. I highly recommend it, more importantly my husband and the rest of my extended family recommends it. They have done it and loved it. Truly this diet has changed how we function and consume food on a daily basis. This clean eating trend is one I predict we will see long into the future of this family.


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