Tips for Starting Preschool

Tips for Starting PreschoolWe hit a milestone in our daughters life this week, she started preschool. Now she is only two so this is very loosely structured but it is still a classroom where she sits and does activities and has a curriculum, it’s not daycare. She is has been a stay at home child since the day she was born and so had never been exposed to daycare or anything even close. She does not have terrible separation anxiety just average. With that said she definitely did not love the idea of mommy leaving. She cried, she begged, she asked to go home but whenever I would come to get her she had a smile on her face and said she had a good day and wanted to go back.

I on the other hand was not so sure that I loved it. I mean leaving her in the care of strangers for the first time was not easy. I had to build up to it. Her first day was Monday so Sunday I went to Target and found myself wandering the girls clothing section tearing because nothing was good enough for my little girls first day of school.

*I finally found a cute shirt with a leopard that I thought she would love because she is obsessed with animals. I decided to do her hair in pigtails and make everything extra special. We bought a new Minnie Mouse lunch box that she carried everywhere with her that night. Lastly we talked about how she was going to school. We told her how much fun it would be, how much she would learn, all the new friends she would make, you know standard stuff.

Tips for Starting Preschool - Get them excitedThe first day of drop off I was more nervous than I was expecting. I was sure it was going to be a total disaster and she would loose her mind. My friends and husband all predicted that I would return home with her within 15 minutes. That did not happen. *Our secret trick was we visited the school a couple of times before just to look around and get an idea of where she was going to be so none of this was 100% new to her. That was so smart. She had met all of the front desk staff and even her teacher. It gave her a sense of familiarity, like this is a place I am supposed to be. This time she was just going to stay after mommy left.

Tips for Starting Preschool - Visit ahead of timeWe walked in and met her teacher. She was friendly and engaging to both Buggy and myself. *I got there early on purpose to speak with the teacher. She asked me how we handle certain things like going to the potty, what happens at home if Buggy gets upset. I told her little quirks Buggy might have. You could tell that it was a collaboration so that the child felt comfortable and like there was only one set of rules to go by. She told me how they handle meltdown situations and what their schedule for the day would be. We discussed a drop off and pick up routine. *One thing that is so important to note, I know it feels like it will be better to hang around but a quick drop off is better for the child. The longer you hang and play the more confused the child can become. So I made it a quick goodbye with hugs, kisses and a promise of when I would be back, oh and then Buggy burst into tears and leaving so did I.

Tips for Starting Preschool - Quick goodbyes no lingeringThe school has camera inside each of their classes so I was able to stay and watch how she settled in without her knowing it. That was a huge relief to me. I could see they were holding her and playing with her. When she flew into a tantrum and threw herself onto the floor I was able to see how the teacher handled it without her knowing I was watching; BIG PROPS on that one. She did exactly what I do and made sure she was okay, in a safe spot and walked away. Buggy stopped within 2 minutes.

At pick up time I was there right on time, about 10 minutes early in fact.ย I hung around the school, not the building but the general area like a hawk. Just in case buggy needed me, which she didn’t of course.ย The staff and teachers are wonderful at her school I have to say because they told me it did not matter how many times I called they would always go and check on her and they did. We got text messages and emails letting us know exactly what and how she was doing. I have to say that was one of the best parts.

The week was a success and I think the little things we did made a big difference in how her first week could have gone. Our girl is growing up fast and while we may be pushing her off into the world a little early she is ready and now so am I.


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