Back to School Supplies!!!

Back to School Supplies!When kids head back to school you always get those LONNNNGGGG lists of supplies they will be needing for their year. Pencils, notebooks, art supplies, tape, glue, you name it, it’s on there. When they are big kids, meaning out of elementary school it is super easy, throw it in their backpack and they bring it in. When they are little you can have a little bit more fun with it.

I don’t know if I am the right mom to discuss this topic being that I have one daughter, who is 2 1/2, and is just entering preschool…BUT… I remember when my mom would do this for my teachers and so I thought I would share what I now consider a family tradition.

This was our first year doing it so I didn’t want to go overboard, I don’t want to be that mom yet. Well, I do but I am still growing into my, “School mommy hat” so I held back. Instead of just throwing all of Buggies supplies into a plastic bag and calling it a day I decided to dress up the packaging a little.

I gathered our supplies. I forgot about three of them, well didn’t forget as much as could not find. Then I decided those would come with the wish list supplies and that would make it all better.

Back to School Supplies - our basicsI took a cute gift bag, which Buggy picked out and took a red ribbon, which was actually repurposed from a towel we bought her. Tucked all of the supplies which would fit into the bag and tied it with the cute ribbon. Added a little note card and BAM! Super cute school supply bag.

Back to School Supplies - What's inside our bagThis got me thinking, what other ways could I make this cute for a teacher??? Here are my ideas that I cannot wait to put into action in the upcoming years!

  • You could include all the supplies in a great basket they can reuse in the classroom
  • You could make it a school supply cake (in the same thread as a diaper cake)
  • You could use school themed reusable shopping bags (who couldn’t use more of those)
  • If the teacher has a classroom theme (most do) you can use the theme as inspiration.

However you bring them, they will be grateful. If it is stuff off the wish list they will be even more so! Whatever you chose to do know one thing the teachers always appreciate your help in this department.

Back to School Supplies - Tie it with a BowThis is a total side note but something I feel very strongly about, having so many friend and family members who are teachers, if you can afford to help extra, please do. Remember that teachers and schools are never properly funded. They can never afford everything they need, this rings especially true for public schools. If a teacher has a wish list in their classroom, please do not look at it as a hassle. They are asking because without your help it comes out of their pockets. As I mentioned I know a bunch and they each already spend out of pocket BIG TIME for your kids, help them out to make the school year great!

Have a great school year!!!


The Perfectionist Mom

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