Bookcase Redo

By no means am I a DIY’er. I always think I can and I really, really want to do a rock star job but I am not the most experienced. I figured the best way to gain experience is by doing so that is what I have chosen to do.

To start this journey I took my old bookcase from when I was a baby and did a 2.0 redo for my little girl. This is just the beginning of our total house redo.

For some reason, I feel like we have not really grown up past our early 20’s. We still have a ton of the same furniture from when we first moved in together. It’s not that we didn’t want to get new stuff it is just that our old stuff still worked in our space and looked good so why not. Why spend the money on that when there was plenty of other purchases to be made. Well, now that I am 30 I am feeling the need to hit the refresh button and really give our home an adult and family makeover. A lot of our old furniture has some dangerous elements for our daughter. She has hurt herself more than once on a sharp corner or rod of metal.

Anyway back to the bookcase. It was not the most expensive when it was bought so I really didn’t mind it being my starting piece. It had a very old fashioned grain to it and while it looked okay you could see on the edges that it had seen better days.

Bookcase Redo - Its a little rough!So I got a fine grit sandpaper block and sanded the entire piece just to remove any sheen and so the paint would adhere better. I also always used a mask because no one wants paint in their lungs. Yuck!

I decided to go with spray paint, which I would most likely not do again, I would like to try chalk paint next time. At first, I used a gloss brown paint which I thought would resemble the color of the espresso in her room but it turned out to be a very red cherry wood color and as glossy as a mirror. Not the look I was going for. So I went back to the store and found a matte espresso color that I did not see before and it was really the perfect color.

Bookcase Redo - My tools for the bookcaseI sprayed it out in the garage. My husband hated this because our car lost its home for a couple days. I placed it up on a table so I could have the easiest spray area possible. I was not spraying the back it worked perfectly.

Bookcase Redo - My workspaceAfter it had dried there were a couple of spots where the paint ran. In general, I think it was pretty good for a first timer. AND more importantly drying in the humid Florida environment.

I brought it in and made sure it was the right color, which it was, but it needed more. Just a plain bookcase seemed kind of ehh to me. I wanted to inspire reading and imagination when my daughter saw it. So I thought decals might look right if I could find some that I loved. Went to Target and found them! I was very excited!

Bookcase Redo - From Drab to FabulousWe are still trying to have a second baby so I thought gender neutral but leaning toward the feminine would be best. ABC’s in mint, blue and yellow looked perfect, along with some hearts and flowers.

Bookcase Redo - The finished productI am going to transition our daughters nursery into a toddler girl bedroom soon. The bookcase is going to play an important part in the transition so I will show you everything once it is done. We are also going to be renovating our laundry room and sprucing up our master and guest baths. I love how small changes can make all the difference.

What do you think?? What are some of your beginner DIY tips??


Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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