MOMentous Moms Top 10 reminders for Precious Cargo

If you have time to follow the news you have most likely heard the sad news about the 2 year old girl that was forgotten in the car. Things like this are happening all the time and with living in Florida it is a very real threat to all of our kids. Please know that kids and hot cars do not mix! Check out our group discussion of this very topic Kids and Hot cars don’t mix!
MOMentous Moms has put together a top ten Florida moms list keeping your kids safe in the car. I know it seems like this is a no brainer but 29-49 kids die every year in tragic accidents like this. 
1. Put your stuff in the backseat! – Whether it is your wallet, phone, purse, whatever you are going to need to leave the car put it back there!
2. Put something of the babies in the front. – If you see that a dolly, pacifier, bottle, even a diaper is in the front seat you are more likely to check they are in the back. Even a stuffed animal that sits in the carseat when they are not in it.

3. Trick out your keys – Place a bell or rattle on your key chain. The noise can help remind you to check the backseat

4. Have a loud reminder – If you think there is even a hint of a chance you might forget, whether it is because you are tired, distracted or setting new routine, set a reminder on your phone or computer. Or have your partner text you at a certain time.

5. Stick to it – Get a sticker to place on your drivers side window, front window or rearview window. Where ever you will see it best. This visual clue will have you double checking even when you know for certain your bundle is not in the car.

6. Adjust that mirror baby – You can purchase a mirror set so you can see your child whenever you check your rearview.

7.Buy an alarm for baby seat – You are able to purchase a pad that goes under the baby in their carseat. It beeps when the piece on your keys gets more than 15 feet from the baby. It might be a pricey option but totally worth it if it saves your child’s life.

8.Become Chatty – This is not always an option, especially if the baby is sleeping but talk to your child. Get in the habit of asking them questions even when they cannot answer you. Forming the habit will have the added bonus of a safe space to chat when they get older.

9. Never fully close your doors – If you are getting gas, getting out to check something in the garage or speak to someone, getting out to get the groceries, whatever the case might be; NEVER fully close your doors. This will not only cause you to check the car again but will also cause a stranger who happens to be walking by to hear if they baby is crying. You never know when your door could automatically lock, if that happens break the window farthest away from your baby.

10. Last but not least ALWAYS Double Check – you might think you know for sure baby is not with you but always double check. Our children are our the most important thing in our world, why even risk a mistake. Once you get use to double checking you will do it without even thinking. This small but silly task could save your babies life.

What are some of your tips or tricks to never forget?  Or you can come up with a way you think we could improve upon this problem. (Alarms on car seats, lights on the dashboard connected to the car seat, etc)?

REMEMBER Kids and hot cars do not mix!!!


Your MOMentous Moms

This post was originally posted June 14, 2014 but is sadly still very relevant.

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  • Jamie

    The caregiver that thinks they are above allowing this to happen is the most dangerous…thank you for highlighting this scary situation and tips we can all use to avoid it.

    As a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, I do have a comment on one of the suggestions above:
    Re: #7-I know that many of those types of devices have come on/off the market, not sure which ones are truly still available for purchase. If any remain, please remember that placing any add-on or after-market device/product that did not come with/is not approved by the car seat manufacturer between your child and the harness straps (including under the padding) is usually forbidden by most car seat manufacturers since the seats were not crash tested with those products. Read the manual that came with your seat and you will usually see wording similar to this from Chicco in the Keyfit manual, “DO NOT use any accessories, pads or products supplied by other manufacturers with this Child Restraint. Items not tested with this restraint could injure your child.”

    I do love the other nine tips!

    Lastly, *thank you* for showing a child over the age of one still rearfacing in an appropriate seat, with straps that appear to be properly tightened, chest clip at armpit level and no indication of aftermarket products! And also for showing some delicious-looking baby toes.

    • MOMentous

      Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for all of you comments. You are 100% correct on not adding anything after manufacture to the seat. I wish they could come up with a sensor you could either stick to the side door or the seat not attached or near the car seat. Hopefully something like this will come to market soon!

    • MOMentous Moms

      That is a great idea, starting before the baby even gets here. There are lots of little things you can do to help remember and being mindful is the first step! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!

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