Our First Family Cruise – Part 1

Our First Family Cruise - Part 1We finally took a much needed vacation. I cannot remember the last vacation we took together just for fun. I am not sure there has been one since my daughter was born, three years ago. This time my sister planned a summer cruise to celebrate both of my nieces turning 16 this year, as well as just to have some fun! The entire group consisted of nine people. Three families of three, my parents and my niece they are raising, my sister and her husband and daughter and then myself, my husband and our daughter.

Our First Family Cruise - Part 1 - Our big partyThis was my first cruise, so not only did I have to plan for myself, I had to plan for a 3 year old as well. I listed the items I needed to remember to pack for both her and I. I tried hard to follow that list when packing, and realized later I could have brought more for us both, but I had just enough. I had originally requested there be a pack-n-play in the room for our daughter. Right before we left, I figured we could give that back and bring along this folding cot I bought for her and haven’t used. It seemed like it would take up less space in the small room on the cruise. This meant bringing the biggest suitcase we own, so it would fit. I just packed her things in there as well and had room in case we bought souvenirs. Both my husband and I carried a backpack as well. I carried my identification as well as hers, along with wet wipes, a change of clothes, my makeup and a few random things I didn’t want in the suitcases…since they drop them off at your cabin door in the hallway.

I was so nervous. The 45-minute drive to the port felt like eternity. All I could do was think of all the bad things that could happen. Ok, I thought about the fun we would have too, but I was so worried about everything else. Losing her, the boat catching fire or sinking, someone falling overboard. I was literally nauseous. Check in went smooth, bags were checked and we were headed to the boat! We took pictures as we boarded, and had time to walk the ship a bit before we left port. Of course, we wanted to be up on deck when the boat left, so we could see as we left. After that, we still had time to walk around, eat and finally go to our rooms.

Our First Family Cruise - Part 1 - Checking out the boatLuckily, we were the first to get our bags, and we soon unpacked and got settled in. Surprise! No pack-n-play left in the room, but that was not a worry. The room was small, but I wasn’t surprised or shocked at the size. It was just right for us. We actually turned the tiny sofa/seat around against the wall and it made her a tiny little bed. I didn’t even have to unpack the cot! The first night, my husband and I slept on the “big bed” and she slept on the little one we made for her. The next day, we saw my parent’s room and they had their bed split. It’s actually 2 twin beds pushed together and when they are separated, there was much more room to walk around, so we went ahead and asked our room attendant to split ours too. Great choice, made it much easier to get around in there! Turns out, it was a room equipped for 4 people and had pull down bunk beads from the ceiling! We never had them pulled down, but we will next time.

Our First Family Trip - Part 1 - Our first trip since becoming parents!There is a lot more fun, family time and cruising with a toddler to come. Stay turned for more on Our First Family Cruise, part 2!

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