The Impossible Two Week Wait

The Impossible Two Week WaitWhen you are trying to conceive there is one time of the month that comes every month no matter what…the two week wait. It can range from impossible to handle to I am so busy I barely noticed this month. Either way it is never fun and pretty much always stressful.

I recently read this article about a woman who LOVES her period. It helps her feel feminine and she loves that it is finite or something like that. Honestly it was a decent article with some very interesting perspectives that I have never thought of and here is why…I am trying to have a baby.

Like a lot of you reading this our period is more like a wound that is reopened every month. Not only does it hurt like hell sometimes but you literally bleed.  I feel the least feminine at that moment possible. It is also very bothersome and an active reminder that the one thing you want more than anything in life did not happen again. Oh and PS the fact that they are finite again scares the hell out of me. I am sure that eventually it will be a happy thought but for now I am terrified they will go away before I am ready.

I have been a member of the two week wait club for a total of 43 months (so far) in my life and I can promise you that the majority of them kinda suck. Especially when you are trying and trying and nothing seems to be working. A thousand things go through your mind on a daily basis, you tend to over analyze every single little twinge and hiccup.

If you are anything like me you become a crazy, moody, googling monster. Every conversation you have leads you to want to look something else up. You read the part in your What to Expect Before Expecting book again and again looking for something that might, just maybe, possibly, signal a positive outcome.

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I have found that I change the majority of my lives decisions during this time of the month. Which sounds crazy and obviously has not had a major impact of the outcome but I digress. I NEVER drink, I stop working out so much, I lie around a bit more, I change our weekly dinners to reflect something that would be good for a growing baby, I avoid anything they tell you to avoid once you are in fact pregnant. I am telling you the crazy train leaves the station. To be honest this really only happens during my worst months, the changes are usually much more slight but still present.

I have tried all of the recommendations of how to handle it online I could find. Read every article on how I should be making this time of the month easier on myself. I thought I would bring you a couple of things I found actually work as opposed to those that will just make you so much more crazy.

But first I want to let you know something I have never once read in all of those other articles. It is perfectly fine to unleash some crazy during this time. If it makes you feel better to change your diet for two weeks you go right ahead. This is a stressful time and if I am totally honest the eventual outcome of all of my 43 weeks (expect one obvisouly) sucks.

So without further delay…

Here it is…

Are you ready for this life changing idea…

Distraction! This is the ONLY thing I have found to work during this time of the month. You need to get out and get busy. When your mind is engaged in other activities you are able to prioritize so the crazy doesn’t leak out. Go out with friends, go see a movie, read a really good book, workout (if you are braver than me), take a small stay cation, do a big DIY project, go to a museum, whatever you think will help, do it. If that means shopping, go shop. I have had this thought more than once and I know myself, I like to shop so I save my money until this time of the month and hit the stores. My husband has commented more than once about how we tend to go out more and do more fun things during this time of the month. Of course we do! I never share with him the reason but YEA.

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To be 100% honest and upfront no matter what you do you will not escape the tension and the wondering. You will still want to know what every little twinge or pain means. You will still wake up and think, “Do my boobs feel different?” or “I think I might be a bit nauseous today”. No matter how many times you read symptom don’t really start until week 6 you will still think they do and that is perfectly okay.

Good luck and baby dust to all of you trying and waiting like me!


The Perfectionist Mom

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