3 Steps to Beautiful Ornament Garland

When my husband and I bought our house we could not wait until Christmas. I was so excited to put my decorations into our very own house! I always loved how my mom decorated each year, it helped make Christmas magical. We were lucky enough to get a bunch of hand-me-downs from various family members after getting married to help us start our decorations but not everything was our style. I am all about color! I love to see colored lights and bright ornaments. They make me smile and really if I am going to add a bunch of stuff around my house I want it to make me smile. I am slightly OCD with clutter, as is my husband.

I scoured the stores looking for something that I loved. We have a huge set of patio doors which face a beautiful lake and I wanted to find something to place above them, like garland. I could not find anything that I liked. Everything was heavy and dark or very earthy and natural. It just didn’t look right. I didn’t want curtains of a seasonal color (BORING)! Where does a girl go once she is out of conventional options? Pinterest of course!

I went through thousands of photos and tutorials. I could not find anything that was ideal. A lot used hot glue, sadly I do not own a glue gun, so those were out. I also wanted something that would make a statement and be different. After combing some tutorials here is what I came up with, Ornament garland!

Step 1: Gather your Materials

Ornament Garland - Supplies neededI went to Target, my favorite shopping place of all time, and headed straight to the Christmas section. There I found tons of options. I wanted plastic ornaments so if they fell they wouldn’t shatter. Very important. I wanted color and boy did I find the perfect set. They are red, pink, blue, and green. All different designs and some even with sparkles! Done. I wanted a decent number because remember I had a rather large window to cover, so I went with two of the 100 count ornaments. They were on a very nice sale.

I had to find something strong enough to hold up approximately 50 ornaments, but remember plastic so light, well lighter. I decided to go with high strength tinsel. It is the kind you use to make presents pretty but it is thin and really strong. I attempted to use ribbon but it was too thick to make it through the tops of the ornaments, the tinsel string was a perfect choice.

Step 2: Threading the ornaments

To start, pull out the tinsel to the length you need for your space. I used my “wingspan” which is approximately 5’11 feet. That is about half of our patio window. On that string, I was able to place 50-75 ornaments.

Once you start threading the tinsel through the tops of the ornaments you may start to notice the string fray on the ends. It can make threading the ornaments taxing after a while. You can either cut the string when it becomes too difficult to work with or put a very small dab of glue on the end and wait for it to dry. This holds the fibers together. I put my ornaments in a pattern to disperse the color. It became clear I had more pink and red ornaments than blue and green so I did the best I could.

Once I got the right amount of ornaments on the string I make knots on both ends. Make sure to double or triple knot it so they do not slip off. The garland is very flexible so it will need to be stretched to fit the area. I had so many ornaments I was able to make three strands and use it in two different places.

Step 3: Hang your garland creation

Ornament Garland over patio doorsPlacing them in the two different spaces gave me some challenges on how exactly to keep them up. I attempted to use command hooks on the larger strings. I did not want the hooks to be seen. They sell these tiny clear ones that seemed perfect but they could not support the weight and were very difficult to shift if a certain section needed extra support. So I did the thing I hate more than anything; using nails. I was able to use thin, pin sized nails so the holes afterward are microscopic.

Please note that you will need to support the thread in multiple places throughout the strand due to the flexibility of the tinsel string.

The other location I wanted to place the garland was on crown molding. No nails there, not even thin ones. So again I went back to the command hooks. The string had about 25 fewer ornaments so it was a bit lighter. I placed the hooks and allowed them to cure overnight. The next morning I took the plunge and hung the garland. A couple of hooks fell and when I checked out why they had the smallest bit of dust behind the sticker. I cleaned the area really well and made sure it was completely dry, tried again with new hooks and sure enough, it worked like a charm!

This garland is great because you can customize it to whatever your style is. If you prefer white or sparkling silver decorations just use those themed ornaments. How about traditional red and green, that would be stunning and very festive! The best part is this whole thing cost me about $50 dollars to make three stunning strands and really will last a lifetime!

Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy your new garland creations!


Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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