Cruising with a Toddler: Part 2

A couple months ago I started the story of my families first real vacation, check it out here Our First Family Cruise – Part 1!

Back to our cruising adventure…Once we were all settled in, we were able to hit the buffet! It was a bit odd at first that you literally just walk-in, get food, eat and leave. You don’t have to pay or tip. That’s all included in your cruise ticket, except a few specific fancy dinner places you can choose to go to and pay for.

The hard part about this was, even though there were 9 of us, we were the only one with a small child in our group. The others were able to go about getting food as they pleased. We had to go one at a time so that my mini me wasn’t under everyone’s feet at the buffet. That meant hurrying, so the other could go get food and trying to get my own food, as well as something she would eat all on the same plate. We all know how picky a toddler can be…and so am I for that matter!

Once we kind of figured out how to run the buffet, it was much smoother. Walking, exploring and shopping were what I wanted to do. It was a small ship, so it wasn’t like we had miles and miles of walking to do. I am glad I did not bring even a small stroller. It was important that someone always had ahold of her hand, no matter where we were.

She LOVES her cousins, who are both 16 now. She wanted to be with them most of the time. I was nervous, even though I know they would never let her out of their sight. They are kind of like mini-moms when it comes to my daughter. It’s just that, “mom thing” we all tend to have; I could have been a bit more relaxed, but I was constantly thinking, “where is she, do you have her hand, you know she’s with YOU right?”. I guess I just felt this terrible need to be glued to her, because if my earlier described fears of bad things which *could* happen. I have to remind myself sometimes how lucky I am. Our daughter is very well behaved, sometimes more so than children many years older than she.

There is a “dining room” on the ship that you can make a “reservation” to sit down to have dinner. No fee, just different food, ordered from a menu and sitting at a table with servers and so on. We did this most nights, and to my surprise, my daughter was the best-behaved child in there. The servers…ours and other tables…would come over to talk to her, give her things and play with her. Some even took pictures and gave her hugs. She LOVED every minute of it. One night, our server from the previous night was serving another table but remembered her, her name and that she liked cherries. He played with her, hugged her and brought her ice cream (remember he was NOT our server) and it had extra cherries on it! It was amazing!

All in all, we had a great time. We explored the 2 islands we stopped at. Nassau was not ideal, but we kept her close and she was a doll the entire time. We stopped on the way out of Nassau to get her hair braided by the locals. She sat still for a good 45 minutes and let this sweet older woman do her hair. Even the woman was amazed at how still she sat for so long.

The best part about the entire vacation is how much my baby girl just loved to sit and look at the ocean. At night she would say it was “broken”, I guess because she could not see it. She was so happy during the day to just look out to the open waters. It was a great, relaxing, first trip for our family.

Until Next Time,

The Not-So-Single Mom

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