A Blizzard and a Baby

Living in Annapolis, Maryland for the past 5 years I have gotten used to the winters, however, this winter has been very mild. That quickly changed with the news of an impending blizzard to hit the East coast. The Weather Channel was sending Jim Cantore to Washington DC, which is never good!

The blizzard can cause power outages, due to the high winds and wet snow. With having a 7-month-old baby boy and dog, I had to prepare for the worst case scenario. Living in South Florida for 25 years, I was used to preparing for hurricanes and a blizzard is just a winter hurricane. I brought up flash lights and some lanterns to provide light within the house. I made sure all of the blankets were washed, to keep warm. The gas grill had enough propane, in case we need to cook a hot meal. Monkey had plenty of diapers and wipes. Food for him was not an issue, as I am still breastfeeding (applause for me!).

Having a baby completely changes your outlook on life. Before Monkey, I wouldn’t be so worried about a blizzard, but having a baby completely changes things. I was worried how I would keep him warm, etc. My husband and I already decided that if we do lose power, Monkey would be sleeping in bed with us, so we can make sure he is kept warm throughout the night.Blizzard and a baby - Not getting out of hereIt’s been 5 years since Maryland had such a big storm. The news of getting more than 2 feet of snow caused everyone to go crazy. Stores were ransacked, as milk, eggs, and bread were the first items to go. Lines at the gas station were very long, as people were busy filling up their gas tanks.

The snow started to fall on Friday, January 22 and within 10 minutes the street was already covered with snow. I could tell it was going to be a long 36 hours of non-stop snow. We were prepared for whatever Mother Nature decided to do.

After 36 hours of non-stop snow and blizzard conditions, we ended up with 26 inches of snow! Thankfully, we never lost power throughout the storm. However, we were snowed in for a couple of days, as the city crews were working as hard as they can to clear the streets.

This was Monkey’s first snow and we got him all bundled up in his snow suit. It was freezing, so he wasn’t outside for a long period of time, but he was enjoying the snow. He especially loved watching Charley, our dog, run through the backyard.Blizzard and a Baby - Tons of snowNow that the snow stopped, it was time for cleanup. Before the blizzard, I injured my wrist, so I was unable to assist in shoveling. My poor husband worked very hard to dig out our cars, in case we have to get out. The neighbors had a snow blower, which they helped with our driveway. I could not believe how much snow was on the ground.
After a few days of being snowed in, we had to get out of the house. We ventured out to Target to get some odds and ends. That was an adventure, as a 4 lane road was now a 2 lane road, due to the snow. It was amazing driving around town to see all of the snow piled up.

I am proud to say that we survived our first blizzard as a family. It was nice to have Daddy home since he is really busy with work. He spent a lot of quality time with Monkey, which is always great to see. I love seeing my boys playing with each other.

How do you and your family prepare for and get through the storm?

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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