Struggles with Weight Loss

I have to start out by saying that this post about my struggles with weight loss, was very difficult for me to write.  I have nothing to hide, as I hope my insecurities about my weight can help others know that they are not alone.  Among my group of friends, I was always the big girl.  I have never been a skinny girl, blame it on the genetics, and I have always felt insecure of how I looked.  It takes a toll on your mentally, and unfortunately I turned to food to help ease the pain.  I hope that sharing my story can inspire others to let them know that they are not alone.

During my pregnancy, I gained 19 pounds, 7 of which were baby.  After 10 days of giving birth, I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I could not believe that I was back wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes and I give all the credit to breastfeeding. I felt like superwoman because I felt and looked amazing. What you don’t thnk about is how quickly that would change.

Breastfeeding is a lot of work and hard on your body.  It makes you hungry all of the time.  Unfortunately, I was not eating the healthiest foods.  My husband is a college tennis coach, so he is gone a lot with work, which left me alone with a baby and dog.  I would reach for anything that was in the cabinet for a snack, dinner, etc. The cabinet was filled with junk food, as it was a quick and easy to cure my hunger.

Just recently I had a yearly check up with my general physician.  I could not believe the number on the scale, I knew I had gained some weight, but never thought I was up 15 pounds in 6 months.  I tried to keep it together for the appointment, but inside I was a mess.  My doctor suggested I start the Paleo Diet.  He basically explained it to me as a caveman diet, which consists of protein, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  The diet cuts out carbs, sugars, and processed foods.  My doctor also suggested eating on a small plate, as it will trick my mind to think that I am eating more vs on a big plate.

On the drive home from the appointment, I was in tears.  I could not believe that I let myself go like this.  How could I gain 15 pounds in 6 months? I was embarrassed, upset and depressed.  My husband is my rock and very supportive.  I kept telling myself that I need to get healthier, not only for myself but for my family.

After the appointment, I started researching Paleo diet.  There is a lot of information and recipes. I can do this! My husband decided to join and support me on this journey.  It is always nice to have someone alongside you on your weight loss journey.  Pinterest is a great resource for recipes when dieting, no matter what diet you chose to be on.  I wrote out a list of foods that were Paleo approved.  Goodbye to junk food, as it is now time to start a healthier me!

Paelo Chart for Weight lossI am proud to say that the refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables.  The key to maintaining a diet is meal planning.  Over the weekend, I made fruit salad, cut up vegetables and made my own trail mix.  Chicken breast is my go to protein, as there are many different ways to cook it and still make it healthy and delicious!

Diet is not the only key to losing weight, as you must exercise as well.  Unfortunately, due to the cold temperatures, I am restricted to indoor activities.  Monkey and I walk around the mall to get in some cardio. I also do some at-home workouts on my husband’s Play Station.

I know that I need to lose weight, not only for myself but to be healthier for Monkey. People say that I look great, but I hide the rolls well!  I have gotten good at that over the years.  I hope to share my weight loss journey with everyone and share some yummy, healthy recipes along the way!

How do you stay healthy?

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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  • Anonymous

    You are not a big girl! You have always been beautiful and even more so after becoming a mom. A healthy diet and exercise is good for anyone. I love you with all my heart.

    Mommy xoxoxoxoxox

  • Lauren

    The only thing that ever works for me is counting calories. My hubby is a registered dietitian and he has found food journaling along with counting calories to work best. I use a calorie counter app. Once you see how much you eat, you start looking for more healthful (which usually have less calories) options to keep you full while still keeping to your calorie count. It sounds like you and you hubby have a great plan and teamwork always helps!! 🙂

  • Shann

    After my twin pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight. Finally, last May, I decided to make a change to. I basically just count calories, and workout at least 4 times a week. It was really portion control that finally worked for me. Best of luck on your journey, and I’m here for any support you may need.
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