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Welcome to the new and slightly improved MOMentous Motherhood. If you have visited us before you most likely know the site by MOMentous Moms. Well, we have had a reinvention! Often in life, you need reinvention, without it, life would be so boring. So when merging your life with your blog, reinvention can be tough but absolutely necessary. I want you to have a more personal experience, getting to know me on a deeper level and hopefully getting a lot of useful information at the same time.

To achieve this goal, I have decided to make the site a bit more streamlined and a lot easier to search. I love all of the moms who have written for the site over our life span and you will still get to read pieces from these amazing women but I thought it would be easier to have topics instead of just their names.

Now you are able to search all of our wonderful recipes, get advice and experience on motherhood, find ideas for amazing celebrations, get sheik and beautiful home decor and organization ideas, and travel with confidence after reading our tips…phew! I’m sure I missed something so here is a breakdown of what you can find.


Motherhood – Search milestones and find out what’s coming by searching the age of your kids. Get our experiences, tips, and advice on a variety of topics. Don’t see one you need? Contact me and we will get it up!

Just for the Girls – This section is just for you. Topics range from being a mom to being a wife and finally just being you. What is important to women? Find it here.

Recipes – Find wonderful recipes from our kitchens. Every course you can think of from Breakfast to Dessert and all the fun times in between!

For the Home – Life is busy, CRAZY busy! Find great organizational tips to keep life going smoothly and ideas to re-do your home. DIY projects (we do try) and most importantly Product Reviews! It always helps when someone else tries it first.

Travel & Activities – We travel quite a lot between all of us and we all have our own ways to occupy our kids. Find out our tips, tricks and life-saving ideas for traveling with the kiddos. We are mostly from Florida so you will also get A+ tips on Disney World as well as resort and hotel reviews for the family.

Celebrations – Need ideas for your kids birthday? What about cute crafts for a holiday? Look no further. We have a bunch and it will only grow from here.

Coming Soon:

One of the future new features on our site is our shop! I have been building while away, building beautiful things for you to love. On the shop page, you will find three distinct stores, plus more to check out and purchase.

Kristi’s Confection Creations – here you can find fondant animals, cake toppers, and other cute objects to add adorable touches to your parties.

Minted Mommy – This is the place for cute printables, organizational materials, jewelry, mugs, and all things related to being a mommy.

My Party Case – This is an awesome place to find anything you might need for birthday parties and other celebrations soon to come. These are both downloadable prints OR they can package everything you might need in a case and send it directly to your door. Party Done!

Amazing Products Corner – We are also looking to add different direct sales items that you can only get online. We figured it can be difficult to find these amazing products unless you know someone who sells them, so why not make your life a little easier.

Want to host a digital party from one of our amazing brands? Just send us an email and we will hook you up. You get a chance to not only get to know us personally but also get some amazing products.

So there are just some of the new and wonderful updates that have been made to our site. I hope you love everything and I cannot wait to embark on this journey with you.

If you have any ideas or would like to have your blog featured on our site I would love to hear from you. 




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