Halloween Traditions for your Family

Halloween is a fun time to dress up and get tons and tons of CANDY…right? Well of course but it also a time where you can be building memories with your family. In all of the crazy fun do not forget the most fun of all, creating new traditions. Here are some of our favorite Halloween traditions!

The Not-So-Single Mom – 

  • One of my favorite traditions would be handing out candy. When I got too old to actually go trick or treating, I would help at home by dressing up and pretending to be a fake scarecrow or prop, then scaring the kids when they came up the driveway. As I got even older and had my own home to hand out from, I loved sitting out front in my chair with the candy and a drink in hand, seeing all the little ones all dressed up. Now, it’s taking my little one trick or treating!
  • Another one, which is new, is going to pick out pumpkins and taking pictures. I loved seeing my daughter roam the pumpkin patch last year just taking it all in. This year she will be able to pick out her own to bring home.
  • Lastly, carving that pumpkin! It’s messy and gooey and yucky, but in the end, it’s super cute. This year will be our first carving that my daughter can help with. The first year she was less than 3 months, last year I didn’t do it because my husband was away. This year we get to do it all together!

The Hot Mess Mom – 

  • We love everything about the fall season including Halloween. From picking out the kids costumes to finding the house with the best Halloween decorations we try to fit everything in. Our top 3 favorite Halloween traditions would definitely include carving pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. We basically try to visit the pumpkin patch as much as we can during Fall and going in October is a must. Our farm fresh market has a huge fall festival every year with a great pumpkin patch and that’s where our pumpkins that we carve come from.
  • We watch Hocus Pocus way more than once. Hocus Pocus is a Halloween favorite and definitely the number one Halloween movie in our house.
  • And lastly trick or treating! Although trick or treating is a generic tradition it’s something that is a must do for our kids.  Old-fashioned door-to-door neighborhood trick or treating. My husband and I love that we have carried our childhood traditions on to our children 🙂

The Perfectionist Mom –

  • Halloween was huge in my house growing up. My mom LOVES Halloween and she made traditions special for my brother and I.  I am really looking forward to carrying them on with my daughter. Every year we carve pumpkins. But not just carve them we also have a scary movie marathon while carving. Of course, the movie goes by the age so this year I am thinking It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and after she goes to sleep a Paranormal Activity marathon for us!
  • Every year, EVERY YEAR on Halloween we make Chicken Chili. We get a ginormous pot and make the best chili you have ever tasted. I don’t care if it is 40 or 90 degrees outside, Halloween = Chili. Then we eat the pumpkin seeds we roasted, while trick or treating and something sweet for dessert, after trick or treating candy of course!
  • Lastly, something I want to start doing with our friends and their kids that we use to do is a Halloween parade. You get all of the neighborhood kids together and parade down the street before trick or treating. It is so much fun! The kids all love seeing everyone’s costumes and hanging out then you split up and hit different houses for the candy!

The Naturalist Mom –

  • Leaving healthy goodies for the neighborhood kids (Yes, I am that house). Oranges or apples, trail mix bags, popcorn balls the options are endless you do not have to have all sugary candy.
  • Making super cool, themed jack-o-lanterns. We choose a theme and carve away. All the pumpkins look uninformed but best of all it is fun watching people guess the theme.
  • And this year will be the third first timer we get to celebrate on our Trick-Or-Treating adventure (and a girly costume FINALLY!). I cannot tell you after years of pirates and superhero’s how excited I am to finally have a princess or something girly like that!

What are some of your favorite Halloween Traditions? We love anything different!

With Love,

Your MOMentous Moms

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