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Remember when I told you that we were going to be finding amazing online brands? Well, the first one is here! This one happens to have a very special place in my heart. One that I have loved since I was a child actually. Now I am bringing that brand to you, Discovery Toys.

Discovery Toys is a North American based company that sells educational toys you CANNOT find in stores. Discovery Toys bring you high-quality toys that engage kids creative and emotional development.  Toys that challenged them and make their imaginations soar. There is also one more thing I love about the line. As parents, you want to play with the toys too! They are wonderful for families, schools, daycares, anyone who has a love of play. Remember to kids Play Is Work, that is their job.

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The company is designed in a buyer-centric atmosphere. Instead of selling through big chain stores they have chosen to sell through independent consultants. They are called your Educational Consultants. These are men and women who have a love of not just these toys but also your children’s education. We love to find just the right toy for your child’s age group, imagination interest, learning style, and special needs.

Notice I did not say gender. That is because 100% of the toys are gender neutral. They are all in colors and styles which work for both boys and girls. In fact, you cannot even search for “Girls toys” or “Boys Toys”, it’s not an option. These toys are designed with kids in mind.

I would love to introduce you to some of the best toys they offer. This is tough because I love them all. I am confident you will too. I cannot put them all into a gift guide so I will break it down. Over the next few days, I will be putting out gift guides for kids from infancy to 8+ years. Each of these toys will offer your child something special and unique. If you see something you love or want to check out even more, please feel free to visit my Discovery Toys site. It will bring you my Discovery Toys homepage where you can order any of the toys you see in the gift guides.

Up first – Toys for Infants & Babies


Most infants and babies are tactile. They love to discover new textures, smells, and bold color contrasts. Each of these toys offers fun exploration while being safe and well made.

Super Yummy – This is the coolest teether in the world. It has 5 different texture centers that little hands and gums can explore. My 5-month-old daughter received hers 4 days ago and I cannot pull it away. She is just about to pop her first tooth and this is the only teether that has given her comfort. And because kids drop stuff ALL THE TIME, they have a wonderful deal, 5% off each super yummy when you buy the 3 pack bundle. Check that out here, let’s face it you can never have too many!


Monkey See, Monkey Do – This is one of my new favorites. My daughter is quickly falling in love with this friend faced monkey. He is large and in charge when it comes to playing/learning fun. There is always something new for her to discover, whether it is his mirror belly, his rattle arm, crinkle ears or apparently edible tail. He is great for on the go too, if he goes missing you notice! PS he is machine washable, something all parents can appreciate.


Shake and Slide – This one is not on the graphic but I HAVE to mention it. This is a hit with not just my 5-month-old but also her big sister. This light weight big rattle is awesome. It has 5 twisty side rails which have fun pieces that spiral down when flipped. There is also a clear tube with cascading beads that she cannot get enough of. Her sister loves to roll it back and forth for the noise and to make it work. This is the first toy my girls have played with together.


Lastly a bonus

Boomerangs – When I had my first daughter this was one of the first things my mom bought me. I thought it was a little strange but now could not imagine living without. My older daughter, 3 years old, love to make links and bracelets out of these. We attach my younger daughters toys with them. They are BPA free and solid, almost if not entirely impossible to break.


There are tons of other amazing toys for you to check out. Different rattles, sensory friends, blocks and more but here are some of my favorite. Consider getting your little ones educational different toys for the holidays this year. I guarantee you will be the envy of your mommy group and everyone will be asking, “Where did you get that awesome toy?”


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

Discovery Toys – Educational Consultant Kristin Carbery 

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