The Many Ironies of Christmas

The ironies of Christmas

Have you ever noticed that we ask a lot of our kids during the holiday season? I am not talking about good behavior, although that does come into play, but I mean in general. We ask them to do things which we normally encourage them NOT to do. Each and every time they make me laugh. It keeps the holidays light!

Here are just a couple of the many ironies of Christmas I have noticed.

Sitting on Santas lap:

On average, we tell our children, “Stay away from strangers” not so during the holidays.

During the holidays, we stand in a line for hours on end sometimes just so they can sit on an older man’s lap, whom they have never met. We then encourage them to tell him presents they want to get for Christmas. When they cry or refuse to go up to him we get stressed, even down-right angry! SIT ON HIS LAP! I need that picture, SMILE!!!


Ornaments, really decorations of all shapes and sizes:

On average, we keep our homes in general kid friendly. I mean why torture yourself on a daily basis with a crystal vase that your child just has to touch.

During the holidays we put out VERY fragile decorations that if they break are often not replaceable. Better still they are in general fun colors and sparkly. Because no child likes sparkles! We tell them not to touch. Then we spend an entire month stressing that they will. Believe me, they will touch them.


On average, we try to keep excesses of sugar away from our kids and really ourselves. Who needs the extra calories and the cookie guilt. I have named it because it is a condition I go through every year.

During the holidays, we not only make cookies and generally have them sitting around the house but we make TONS of cookies!!! I can safely say I make at least 12 dozen a year, that is 144 cookies. Granted we do not eat all of them, but probably a good portion.


 Behavior Expectations:

On average, we tell children to behave and listen. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but when they ask, “Why?” the answer tends to be, “because I said so.”

During the holidays, we not only have the golden ticket of “Santa is watching!” but often times we have an elf and sometimes even daily reports. I have the phone number for Santa. As well as his email and we text on a daily basis. Just kidding, but I do know some parents who claim this! I do not take away from the fact that, “Santa watching” helps with all of the added sugar and breakable objects around the house but I refuse to overuse it.

Buying Presents:

On average, we try to set our children’s expectations as to what they deserve versus what they demand. I refuse to allow my daughter to get a toy in the store because she is misbehaving. I would rather she scream through the entire store, embarrassing me to no end, and we leave without anything, then re-enforce her poor behavior. Parents today often complain that their children feel entitled and expect ridiculous amounts of things, usually they don’t get them but…

During the holidays, I have noticed people give their kids whatever they want. It is extravagance the whole month. Then Christmas morning gets here and OMG these homes just EXPLODE with toys and clothes and electronics. OH MY! Then not two days later and the parents are complaining that the children were not grateful and are back to misbehaving. Maybe that is because they just received the sun, moon,¬†and sky and had to do nothing for it. I am not saying don’t get your kids presents but keep it in perspective.


I think during this time of year for some reason we throw the rule book out the window and keep trucking. We pump our kids full of sugar, let them watch all the Christmas movies they can handle, tell them not to touch anything, and love them a little bit more because we get to see everything magical through their eyes.

We ask a lot of not just our children during this time of year but also ourselves. Enjoy every cookie and cocoa filled moment!!!


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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