Mom’s Don’t Get Sick Days

Over this holiday season, I have been sick, three times. Like really sick, the whole shebang of vomiting, weakness, body aches and more. Why am I telling you this, because with the holidays here and coming furiously there is a huge chance that this too could be you. I want to give you some tips about how I got through Halloween while in a stage 5 flu bug.

Having two kids makes being sick a whole new ball game. Especially when you add the fact that one of them relies on me entirely for nourishment, I exclusively breastfeed my 5-month-old daughter. Just remember to follow these rules and try not to sneeze in anyone’s mash potatoes.


Here are my best tips when handling the flu during the holidays.

Hydrate! – This one is so important. I am sure you have heard it a hundred times. For some reason even though every mom knows this beyond a shadow of a doubt we are almost all guilty of not drinking enough. We just keep moving and water becomes a thing of the past. If you want your cold, flu or whatever to go by faster flush your system.

Slow down – I will never be one to do this. EVER. It is not really in my vocabulary to slow down. Due to this, I tend to stay sick longer. Resting is how your body heals. No rest, no healing. I do try to slow down and when I am able to it does help. For example on Halloween I had no choice, I had to go home with our little one and rest. I missed 75% of the trick or treating with our older daughter but give and take.

Medicine – I am not a fan of medicine. I have not been able to take heavy duty meds for over a year now. Being pregnant and then exclusively breastfeeding you have to be SO careful. As a result, I have found a couple of things that seem to help when the going gets tough and you HAVE to get going. My go-to’s are Sudafed and EmergenC. They have been lifesavers during this cold and flu season. You can take both while you are pregnant and they will not reduce your breastmilk supply afterward. The EmergenC is really for before you get sick. The kick of vitamins does not hurt once the cold actually hits.

Learn what to cut – This is a tough one but one of my best. While in my stage 5 flu during Halloween I still had a bunch of things to do. Every year since getting married I have made this Chicken chili on Halloween night. This way we have a quick snack and it’s amazingly good. Not this year. I did not have all of our pumpkins carved. I had been sick the week before too so I thought I will just wait. Well, they never got done. That is okay even though I missed my babies first pumpkin. Stuff HAS to give. You need to decide what will make the holiday and what can wait.


Do not beat yourself up – This is not really a tip to feel better but it is really important. As parents, we want everything for our children, especially during the holidays. We want them to have all the fun, magic, and traditions we can possibly stuff into one season. We go all out to prepare. Then when the time comes, if things don’t go to plan it is really easy to be hard on yourself. The thing is, your kids most likely will not remember. If you miss one pumpkin, one Christmas cookie, one thanksgiving side, chances are they will not even know! This is a lesson I am still learning. They want you. Not the stuff. The stuff is fun don’t get me wrong but really they want you.

So if you are battling a cold or flu this season as I am doing for the 20th time give yourself a break. Know that your kids and your family will understand. If they don’t tell them to hush! Mommy will be back in 5.


Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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