Traveling with Babies – An Honest look at Feeding

It is that famous time of year again. The one where we parents cart our kids around to every family members house we can handle. This is a lot for our little humans especially if they are brand new. In that case, it is a totally different ballgame. There are many challenges that we face as parents while we travel. You worry about the nap schedule, the entertainment, baby being confined and alone in the car seat. Then the big one, meal time. When you have toddlers you can bring food along and let them feed themselves. But if you have an infant you need to be there for them when they are hungry and just cannot take it anymore. While it can be challenging it is not impossible.


I have a brand new baby this year, well she is 6 months but that is still pretty new by conventional standards. She cannot eat solid food yet. She eats baby food once a day but she has a tough time consistently putting things in her mouth. Breastfeeding is still her main source of nutrition and she loves her schedule. Feeding time is her zen time. When you throw her off schedule get ready for meltdowns. She has a set of lungs on her you would not believe. You better take her somewhere with a lot of people so she has something to watch or your ears are history.

When our daughter was brand new, we are talking the first three months we did a lot of traveling. We are insane. And we loved our whole family getting to meet her. I actually took a road trip with my mother up to Wisconsin. That is right ladies and gentlemen a 40-hour total road trip with a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old. I shake my head just thinking about it. Luckily my daughter still took a bottle at this point so that saved me on certain occasions.


While she is exclusively breastfed if we need formula, we use it. There is no shame in our game. Stopping to feed her every two hours for 20 minutes was just not practical. I would let her have a formula bottle and pump for later while we were driving. That’s right I am a woman with many talents.

If you have read the blog before you know of my absolute LOVE for The Honest Company. They saved both of my girls when no other diapers would work with their delicate skin. I was beyond thrilled that Honest Company had developed a formula that is organic, non-GMO and only has high-quality ingredients. I was extremely hesitant about giving our girls formula in general. Knowing it was from The Honest Company made me feel so much better when we needed this handy backup.

Just read their Feeding Philosophy, it is right in line with MOMentous Motherhoods!

“No breast versus bottle, no right or wrong — we believe how parents choose to feed their babies is a personal process based on the needs of their families. We know that breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for infants, but we also understand that families may choose or require other options. We’re here not to judge, but rather to support parents with a range of researched information and safe, premium products that empower every family to make the best choices given their unique circumstances.” 

Check out their entire line of feeding products. Once I saw everything they had to offer I was hooked!

Try Our New Organic Infant Formula!

Whether you are a seasoned pro-parent traveler or a newbie trying to find your way here are two handy lists. Use them when this time of year comes around or if really you just get the travel bug. These are things to bring!

Bottle-Fed Babies (Formula)

The list is basically the same if you bottle-feed a breastfed baby. Just switch out the formula for your breast pump!

Breastfed Babies (If you don’t plan to pump)

When I was new to the baby game I googled everything I could find about traveling with a little one. I like to be prepared. While there is nothing like experiencing the real thing, these are some of the best pieces of advice I received. Also, a couple I have just learned along the way.


If you are bottle feeding, get your baby used to room temperature bottles. As long as your pumped milk is within the 4-8 hour window you can feed it to baby whenever they are ready. Formula can be fed at room temp whenever. Infants tend to prefer warm bottles so this is why they sell bottle warmers. If you don’t need it, dump it. The less you have to carry and fuss over the better.

When traveling by plane use powdered formula. It is so much easier! It weighs less and has a less likely chance to ruin all of your clothing. Double bag that bad boy and you should be good to go. Split it up too. Place about half of the container in your carry on in a formula dispenser. If you lose your luggage you will thank me.

Keep all feeding accessories in their own bag. If you are digging through the toy or clothing bag to try and find your baby’s meal the stress level skyrockets. They are usually screaming and you just want them to be happy. Keeping it in a well labeled or in a brightly colored bag really helps. It is much easier to yell, “The Pink Bag!” at my husband than “the black one, no, not the small black one! The medium sized black one!”

If you are a breastfeeding mama do not forget your supplements and accessories. I know it’s more to pack but going without the vitamins and things that make breastfeeding comfortable makes a huge difference. If I run out of my prenatal vitamins I start to feel extremely tired. Especially if my daughter is demanding more of me. The nipple balm is a huge lifesaver when she wants to double nurse for comfort. Remember, traveling is also very stressful and stress can bring down your supply. Having those Lactation Plus supplements can help when your body needs the extra boost.

If you have any questions about traveling with your little humans and feeding send me a comment below. I will gladly answer anything you might be able to ask! I wish you safe and stress-free travels. Happy Holidays!


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

***There are affiliate links in this post but you know me. I never recommend anything I do not use myself and love.***


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