A Mothers Concern & Hope for Our Country

Pardon my writers block. This block is hitting me because I had a lot inside me that I wanted to write about. A lot which I did not really feel comfortable putting out on the blog. However, I am working on being more “authentic” so here we go…

I have found there are a couple things that unite us as parents. Everyone wants the best for their children. We all want them to be kind and caring, smart and social, curious and cautious.

We love our children and will protect our children. It is that simple.

With all of that being said, felt, and understood, there is something I want to get off my chest.

I am concerned. Not just for myself, but for my girls and their future. I am concerned for my country.

But after much introspection, ultimately I am hopeful. Let me explain…

In 2008 I got what I can only describe as a calling. I was blessed enough to have worked on the Democratic National campaign for President Obama. There I met people from all around this amazing country of ours. My eyes were opened to the world beyond my bubble. It was shocking.

I saw the worst in people. People who did not want someone who was different from them to hold the highest office in the land. People who truly and unabashedly did not like someone due to his name, skin color, age, background, or ironically, experience level. Change was being thrust upon them and they hated it. As a result, hate began to build in their hearts and it hurt mine.

Therefore, I blocked it out. Surely people would do better, they would be better. Our children would demand better of them.

Slowly but surely I found better. I met people whose mission it was in life to make this small planet better. Whether that was working for children’s rights, individual rights, environmental protections, or assisting poor countries in need of medicine, clean water, and food. I saw the ways that people went out of their way to help. Help a neighbor who was struggling. Help protect our planet, so that it is sustainable for the next generation. Basically, help to make this world good.

On 1/21/17 citizens said STOP. You are not taking our freedoms. We will not let you tell us our country is broken. Click To Tweet

It was amazing and made me hopeful. I have been privileged to keep in touch with a lot of those people via social media. Each and every day these people continue to impress and inspire me. They are a lot of what makes not just our country, but our world better.

Then it all started to slip away. Not because their mission changed. Not because they stopped working or caring or trying. No, you could feel a wave of change coming over the country. Not one of hope and desired change but one of hate and regression.

If you didn’t feel it, you weren’t paying attention.

During this election, our country decided that it was time to go down a path of uncharted territory. We have decided to give a novice a chance at minding the store. It worked really well last time. Therefore, it seems like a lot of people were thinking, “let’s give that a try again.” But here is the difference…THE MESSAGE.

The message was not one of hope but of fear.

Not one of love but of hate.

Not one of giving but of greed.

It was highlighted in our new Presidents inaugural address “America First”. I was shocked and saddened by this message. Right then and there I made myself a promise that I would do better.

Does this country have problems, YES! We need to fix those problems. But is this country in carnage? No. Is this country crime ridden, in total poverty, and falling apart in decay? No. Again, there are problems that need fixing. Yes, we need updating, we need our government to work for us. Is someone who thinks so little of our country the right person to get that done? I don’t know.

Honestly, I don’t think so but that decision is up to each and every one of us to make individually. I think it needs to start at home. Most importantly we need the best and brightest people to help come up with solutions; the mission cannot be – lead with hate, lead with disclusion.

Going backward is never the answer.

Being cruel is never the answer.

Stomping on people to boost yourself up is never the answer.

Discrimination is never the answer.

HATE is never the answer.

People are concerned. I am concerned. You very well might be saying, “That’s ridiculous, what could you possibly have to be scared of!” Let me enlighten you. We are scared because the very fabric of this nation, which we hold so dear, is becoming unraveled. “Give me your tired and your poor..” America has never been a country of me, me, me. Rather, it is a country of us, of unity.

Just look at the amazing women, men and children who came out on January 21st and said…STOP. You are not taking our freedoms. Our country is not broken. It gave me HOPE. (More on this later.)

One day in what feels like the very far future, this will all be behind us. The honest truth is no one knows what our country will look like at the end of this road. No one knew 8 years ago what today would look like. Therefore, I am making a conscious effort to be positive, to have hope. To work for better.

We don't know the future of our country. I am making a conscious effort to be positive, to have hope. To work for better. Click To Tweet

From this day forward we need to be positive about our future. If we want any chance of our children coming out of this better than they went in, positivity, change, and inclusion needs to be the message. We need to show them by example how to be good. They are by nature, we just need to nurture it. Make this promise to your children with me, promise to protect them. To show them all this amazing and beautiful world can offer.

Stay strong and I am here if you need to vent.


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

The blog will be back in full swing on February 1st. See you then!

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