Affirmation Heart Chain – Valentine to my Daughter

I have been searching for a cute and clever Valentines Day idea for my 3-year-old daughter. There are a ton of ideas all over Pinterest but I just wasn’t in love with any of them. I wanted something that she could enjoy longer than just one day so I thought how could I tell her how much I love her every day up until Valentine’s day.

Then it came to me the same way we used to do a countdown to Christmas…a paper chain. When I was little we could take colorful paper and make a chain to string around the tree and each night we would take one of the links, break it open and on the inside would be a fun thing about Christmas or the winter season. I think it was a way of not giving us chocolate every night in an advent calendar.

My next mission, how can I convert this into a Valentine’s Day theme? For my daughter’s third birthday I created a bunch of paper hearts and used them as decor. PERFECT!

I saw on Pinterest this idea of putting paper hearts on your child’s door every day with a nice saying about them. How cute they are, what a nice smile they have, how fun they are, etc. I thought to myself, “I love this but I want my daughter to know all of the amazing things about herself that have nothing to do with her physical appearance.” Thus the affirmation heart chain was born.

First, you need to gather your materials.

  • Colorful pieces of paper. I chose three fun, festive, sheets of scrapbook paper.
  • Stapler
  • Scissors or Classic Cut machine
  • Marker or Pen that does not bleed through
  • List of Affirmations

Step 1: Listing Affirmations

This was my favorite part of the whole thing! I like to be prepared when I am doing projects like this so I, of course, made a list. Here is your free printable. Perfect to put up in a little ones room!

Every day while I am doing my daughter’s hair we go through statements about herself. I am sure you saw this on Facebook. You have your child stand in front of the mirror and state things about themselves such as they are strong, smart, brave, etc. We do this every day. I want my daughters to have confidence in themselves. There is nothing better than hearing her little voice say how strong she is.

I took each of those affirmations and wrote them on my list.

Step 2: Cutting Paper

Self-explanatory. You make the strips of paper for the hearts. You want 14 of them, one for each day leading up to and including Valentine’s Day. Try and make the strips the same thickness.

Step 3: Creating the Hearts

Take each of the strips and fold them in half. Write the affirmation beginning on the left side and the keyword on the other. Avoid the middle.

Take the stapler and staple the middle of the strip. Give it a little of space so the arches of the heart are nice and evident.

Now if this is your first heart put the ends together and staple. If it is any other heart loop though the last heart and staple once looped. I know it feels like it should go without saying but it took me a second of how to attach each heart.

Keep going until you hit number 14!

Wha Laa…You have an affirmation heart chain.

My daughter got 15 so I could show how it works and I am VERY excited for her to start using it. She was so excited to open the first heart and see the statement, “You are the best Big Sister”. Here is the list of the 14 other affirmations I wrote.

This is a wonderful way for your children to see what makes them so special to you each day. I would love to hear what other affirmations you have for your kids.


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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