Our First ER Visit

The New Year isn’t just about new beginnings, but for my family, it also meant new challenges in 2017. After the New Year, Monkey started in the toddler classroom at daycare, which meant new teachers, new friends, and a new schedule. I was excited for him to continue to grow and develop. I have already seen a big growth since starting daycare in August. After two days in the new classroom, I was called at work and informed that Monkey had a fever. This was the last thing I needed.

My husband, John, was scheduled for knee surgery on a Friday. He suffered an injury while hitting tennis balls with one of his players. Who knew that being a tennis coach would be dangerous? Juggling a sick toddler and husband on crutches was going to be a handful.

Per daycare policy, Monkey had to stay home the following day. John decided to get Monkey checked out at the pediatrician’s office. His fever spiked to as high as 103.5. It seemed that Advil was not working. After meeting with one doctor, we were told Monkey simply had a viral cold and let it run its course. However, the fever was still high and John decided to take Monkey back to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis.

As defined by Google, “Bronchiolitis is almost always caused by a virus. The condition most commonly occurs during the winter months. The condition starts like a common cold. It progresses to coughing, wheezing, and sometimes difficulty breathing. Symptoms may last for a week to a month.” We were told to continue to provide fluids, in addition to making Monkey as comfortable as possible.

The night before surgery, I informed John that it was best for me to stay home with Monkey, to monitor his illness. My mother in law agreed and took John to surgery. Thankfully, surgery was a success a John was home after a few hours. Monkey, of course, was very excited to see his daddy. However, that excitement quickly changed within a few short hours.

After a nice warm bath, it was time to put Monkey to bed. As I was listening to the monitor, something didn’t sound right to me. My mommy instinct said to go check on him. When I went into his room, he had another high fever and his breathing sounded labored. I decided to give him another dose of Advil and bring him into bed with me. This way I could closely monitor his breathing.

Within 20 minutes of laying down, Monkey started to projectile vomit and the labored breathing got worse. We immediately called our pediatrician. A nurse listened to Monkey’s breathing and said it was best to rush him to the ER. So many thoughts were running through my head. Here I have my son, who needs to be taken to the hospital, while my husband is recovering from knee surgery. I quickly went into crazy mode. Changing vomit covered clothes and sheets, in addition to making sure the diaper bag is packed sufficiently.

John, being the loving husband that he is, decided he wanted to accompany me to the hospital with Monkey. He knew I would be an absolute mess. We called our parents to inform them what was going on and my mother in law was planning on meeting us at the hospital. Thankfully, we are a short distance, we had to drive with the window rolled down and John’s leg out the car. He needed to keep his leg elevated after surgery.

Once we arrived at the hospital, we were sent to the pediatric emergency department. A nurse quickly assessed Monkey, after discussing his history, symptoms, etc. After what seemed to be an eternity, which was only an hour, we met with a doctor who confirmed that Monkey had bronchiolitis. She wanted to give him albuterol, in order to help with his wheezing, in addition to a nose suction.

It is amazing the power of medicine because, within approximately 45 minutes after the treatment, the labored breathing stopped. His fever was treated with both Advil and Tylenol. He was ordered to have a chest x-ray to confirm that he did not have pneumonia. Thankfully he did not.

After 6 long hours in the emergency room, we were finally told that we could go home. It was music to my ears. I knew a snow storm was quickly approaching and I wanted to be home snug in our beds, enjoying a snow day. I could not be more proud of how well Monkey handled everything. Granted he hated the nose suction and chest x-ray, but he was a trooper. It was a very scary few days for this mama, but I am happy to report that everyone is on the mend!

Kay – The Rookie Mom

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  • Anonymous

    This is Mrs. Trudel’s class. We hope John Michael is feeling better! We hope he doesn’t have to go back to the hospital, PLEASE!!!!!!! Thank you for all the pictures! We really like them and want MORE!!!!! You’re a GREAT mom!

    Mrs. Trudel’s Class

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