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In my life, I have worked with several non-profit organizations as both an employee and a volunteer. I have met all kinds of amazing people who give their time and money to help others. People they have never met. That is why when I was approached and informed about an amazing non-profit, The Possible Dream Foundation, I had to bring it to you.

Sometimes you read about people who go beyond the typical, beyond the expected, you hear about angels. The Geraldi family definitely falls into the category of angels.  They created The Possible Dream Foundation.

Their Mission-

This organization is unlike any you may have heard of before. Started by Camille and Mike Geraldi, The Possible Dream Foundation helps children with “Down Syndrome and other disabilities by providing a loving home, a caring family and an understanding environment where individuals can reach their full potential.”

The part of providing a loving home is what struck me the most. This means adoption. It is one of the most loving acts a person can do. To take a child who does not have a family, a home, or a chance and give them all three is incredible. To open your heart and add another person can be challenging but also more rewarding than one could possibly imagine. When that person has a disability the adoption takes on a whole new meaning.

To date, they have brought their genuine caring, love, and compassion to over 40 children. They took in the children that no one else wanted. That sentence does not make sense to write but it is the truth. Camille and Dr. Michael Geraldi met while working at Miami Children’s Hospital. Camille was a nurse there and was drawn to the children who were abandoned. I cannot even imagine abandoning a child, especially one who is ill.

The Possible Dream Foundation has bigger goals than just taking care of these critically ill children. They also give them a purpose. The children give back. The children take in dogs and train them for search and rescue missions, medical service and more. In fact, a lot of them are certified dog trainers.

Their Future –

The Possible Dream Foundation was a dream for the Geraldi’s. They worked hard at not just raising these amazing human beings but also the foundation. Never putting themselves first, never giving up. They have been through setback after setback, with both resources and tragedy. 

In 2015, just as the Geraldi’s were about to take their very first vacation together for their 40th anniversary, Dr. Mike was diagnosed with mesothelioma. To learn more about what mesothelioma is please click here. Within a year he passed away. I cannot imagine losing such a huge part of yourself and your world. Camille is now trying to continue The Possible Dream Foundation by herself. She is keeping strong and pursuing the goals and dreams she started with her husband so long ago.

Amazing organizations like these cannot continue without help from those on the outside. When you hear of people who work their lives in the improvement of others it strikes a cord in my heart. If you are anything like me please check out The Possible Dream Foundation’s website. Look at the amazing photos of this incredible family. If you feel inclined you can donate on the site. “The Foundation welcomes all levels of donations, from one-time gifts to monthly donations to corporate matching programs. Even the smallest contribution can make an impact. Donations are tax-deductible, and a receipt will be provided upon request.”

To connect with this amazing family and see the work Camille is continuing please visit them on Facebook. Here you can see their work continue through photos. You can also see how some of the children honored the memory of Dr. Mike on the one-year anniversary of this death by wearing “Doc Mike is a Super Hero” shirts. I cannot imagine a better tribute.

Please Help this amazing family continue their work and help those less fortunate. If you would like more information please let me know!


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom


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