4 of the BEST Summer Party Ideas – Featuring Paperless Post

Summer time is a great time of year. The days are longer and the kids are out of school. People tend to want to use the extra hours outside, especially on the weekend.

Today is Memorial Day and that got me thinking, we should have had a BBQ! Every year we talk about having people over and making a big celebration at least once during the summer but something always gets in the way. Either we are away somewhere or we are invited elsewhere. I have always dreamed of throwing a massive 4th of July party but we tend to make those family affairs out of town. Not this year. This year I am determined to have a big bash at our home.

My only question is what kind? There are so many options when it comes to summer parties. With a little creativity and the willingness to have a lot of fun you can make summer memories which last a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be expensive just fun.

I have a great idea…Why don’t you vote and I will throw whichever party theme wins! If all goes well maybe I will even live stream parts of the event!

Here is a little background to help you chose. We live on a small lake so there is a good launching point for small fireworks, we have a great new BBQ, we have access to a portable fire pit, we live on one of the most friendly streets you can possibly imagine, basically we love to have friends over and let our kids play. Here are some awesome summer party options. Let me know which ones you like.

I am a perfectionist. The details that go into planning and throwing a party are my favorite part. I am not a grill and chill for 20 people, kind of girl. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, just thoughtful. I love when parties have all the touches, invites, food & drink areas, cute decor, and activities. It doesn’t have to be expensive just thoughtful.

All of my neighbors and friends think I am nuts for always wanting to send invitations. Whether it is a formal paper invite or a Facebook event request I like to make sure people know they are included and do it with some style. I feel like invitations are a way to tell the style and feel of a party. Personally I hate that people think they are becoming obsolete. I still love them. It is the first thing I create when a party comes up.

I will admit, for a little while paper invites have seemed slightly wasteful. They take up space, get lost, cost a ton to print and send, and for informal gatherings seem like overkill. For weddings, bridal/baby showers, formal birthday parties, and big events they are still necessary. However for a fun Saturday party not needed.

Digital invitations are my new favorite thing!

For this post I was lucky enough to partner with an amazing company, Paperless Post.

Paperless Post is an online card & invitation company. Paperless Post creates beautiful cards and invitations which can be sent online or printed out and sent traditionally. Either way you get beautiful, creative, stylish cards & invitations. Paperless Post has invitations to any party you can possibly think of. They also partner with some big name brands, including kate spade new york, Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Rifle Paper Co., to bring you style that is beyond amazing. They let you get the party started off right, before the party even begins.

Find all of their amazing invitations HERE! 

It is wonderful because with each invitation you can customize your invite to suit your party style. You can customize the background, envelope, envelope liner, and RSVP card.

When invite is digitally delivered your guests get an email like this.

Then they open it and are directed to a dashboard page where they can RSVP, see the guest list, get the party details, and comment on the comment wall. It is your own party in a snapshot! Super easy and visually lovely.

For each of my party options I am going to pick a Paperless Post invite I can send to our guests. This will give you a GREAT idea of the theming and feel of each option. I am a happy, bright, bold party thrower, so expect that!

Party #1 – 4th of July Spectacular-

This party would feature a lot of red, white, and blue. The menu, build your own hamburgers and hotdogs stations with some surprises thrown in. Awesome lawn games like Twister, Cornhole and Giant Jenga. Fireworks galore and of course all the patriotic music you can handle mixed into the playlist. Here is the invite!

Party #2 – Old School Game Night –

This party would be more for the adults of our group. It might be tough to pull off but would be SO much fun. It would be an evening party. Cocktails in glasses and appetizers most of those under 12 would not like. Games like Catchphrase, That’s What She Said, SpeakOut, and Cranium. If you want to mix it up ask everyone to bring their own game, as long as it’s loud and fun! Here is the invite!

Party #3 – Hawaiian Lua Party –

While we do not have a pool in our backyard you can still easily bring water elements into a party. Evoking Hawaii is always fun, who doesn’t want to go there! You can create a Hawaiian oasis at your home. Lots of leis, coconut & pineapple glasses, palm trees, and tiki torches. For the kids and kid in you, water balloons, hula hoops, limbo, and other wonderfully kitschy activities. For food you can do pineapple fruit salad, chicken and fish tacos, pulled pork and Mai Tai’s. Everything you need to be on the island in your mind. Here is the invite!

Party #4 – Give me S’more Summer Dessert Party & Bonfire –

I LOVE this idea. The idea of having all of our friends over in the evening, a big bonfire going in the background and nice music going all sounds perfect to me. Fun activities for the kids, capture the flag, flashlight tag, bubbles, and maybe even a big candy ball. Food would be mostly dessert with maybe some walking tacos in the very beginning. But a total and complete build your own S’mores bar, cookies, brownies, and maybe some sweet & salty trail mix thrown in. Here is the invite!

Whichever one you chose I will be over the moon with excitement. Please vote in the comments below or on our Facebook page and I will let you know the winner!

Lastly, remember to head over to Paperless Post for these and other beautiful cards & invitations for everything from Birthdays and Baby Showers to Weddings.


Kristin, The Perfectionist Mom

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