When Bugs love your Babies – Best Bug Repellant Ideas

Summer is pretty much here. The days are longer, so the kids are out playing later. When this happens the mosquitos come out to play! In Florida they are really bad at different times of the year. We happen to live near a little body of water you may have heard of called the Florida Everglades. This means we live hear a swamp. What do mosquitos love more than still standing water…unfortunately my daughters.

Since our older girl was small we have noticed that mosquitos, fleas and pretty much every other kind of bug you can think of loves her sweet skin. This is a VERY VERY bad thing. Not only does it hurt and make her very uncomfortable, it looks terrible. She has developed a severe allergy to them. When she gets a bite she swells up. She has even had her eye swell shut from a bite on her face. She looked like a prize fighter. As a result we have had to try pretty much every product under the sun to make her less desirable. Here is what we have found.

Spray –

This is by far the most effective. It keeps her safe but it is the WORST when it comes to health. I cannot stand chemicals in our house. We like to use green cleaners or make our own but when it comes to bugs they don’t hold water on mosquito heavy days. The best brand I have found for a meet in the middle approach is either The Honest Company Honest Bug Spray¬†or California Baby Natural Bug Blend Bug Repellent Spray. Avon SKIN-SO-SOFT is another good option in the spray category. The baby safe sprays¬†still have chemicals but are no where near as chemical heavy as OFF. If you can, keep the DEET out of your spray. It is terrible for little ones.

Wipes –

The bug spray wipes work a lot like the spray. The only issue I have with these is once you wipe it onto your skin your hands are completely and totally covered with the repellant. If you are at a picnic or something it can be really tough to wipe off. It might be beneficial to use these before heading out and cleaning up first. The bonuses, you can really get your face, ears, and neck super well.

Clip ons –

You can find these little beauties at pretty much any store. They are okay, working to a point. The “safety circle” can be quite small, not even encircling our daughters stroller. In a pinch I would chose them over nothing. The best brands I have found are the OFF! Clip-On Mosquito Repellent Fan. They seem to offer the best bang for your buck.


Bracelets –

I tend to use these as an add-on rather than a full proof option. We like to use non-spray options when possible. So we might use some of the hacks like the dryer sheets in her pockets along with the bracelets. I do like to keep in mind that with this option you are putting chemicals directly on their wrist. You have to have give and take.

Citronella Candles –

These work great. Here are the two issues, one, fire. Two, they only work in a bubble of space. Similar to the bracelets and clip-ons but these don’t go with you. If your child is playing in a confined space this is the perfect solution. Plus I don’t hate the smell and they can be pretty.

Life Hacks – Where would I be without life hacks. I love them! The best ones I have tried and found mildly successful with battling the bugs are dryer sheets, fans, clothing, and essential oils.


Fans – The best out of the bunch. If you are in the breeze the bugs do not want to battle to get to you or your babies. The biggest issue I find is keeping the kids still and in the path of the fan. Works great if you can accomplish that feat.

Clothing – Also great, but in the summer, ugh HOT. The theory is bugs cannot bite what they cannot get too. I have had plenty of bugs bite through my yoga pants but it is better than wearing shorts. I know they sell mosquito repellent clothing but I have never tried it.

Essential Oils – The Hippy Homemaker has a wonderful recipe for bug repellant using essential oils. I love this option, it is healthier than sprays and smells lovely. Does it work as well as Skin-So-Soft or Honest Spray, no probably not but it does keep some away.

Dryer Sheets – We have all read if you take a dryer sheet and put it in your pocket bugs will stay away. No, that is not true. It does help but we have actually found wrapping the dryer sheet in with your hair tie works best. A lot of people wipe themselves down with the sheets too and that seems to help a little more. I think this is a 50-50 shot.

There are plenty of choices when trying to keep your babies bug free. Some work better than others but anything is better than being covered in bites. Try them all and see what works best for you and your family.

What are some of the best mosquito repellant tricks you have found?


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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