Premama Drink Mixes: The perfect alternative to Prenatal Vitamins

In the course of searching for ways to increase fertility naturally or at least without medication there have been many supplements I have come across. Some of them seem kind of sketchy and some have seemed super promising but so out of my price range. There had to be something in between.

I attempted to put my brain to use and find my own cocktail. With my doctors help I was able to find some really great supplements. The problem was I was taking up to 15 pills a day at some points, and a lot of those were BIG! I would gag on getting some of those horse pills down but I knew it would all be worth it in the end if we ended up getting pregnant. While it worked I would have LOVED another option to the plethora of pills. Even just a small break would have been nice.

I recently got lucky enough to try a newer product which I have fallen in love with. It is called Premama. Premama supplements are different than anything I have seen on the market in that there are no pills. You read that right NO PILLS!!! Everything is either a drinkable powder, gummy or a soft chew. It is wonderful.

Here are the wonderful options Premama has for you on your journey to motherhood:

  • Fertility Supplement Drink – Flavorless
  • Prenatal Vitamin Drink – Flavorless
  • Prenatal Vitamin + DHA Drink – Citrus Flavor
  • Prenatal Vitamin + DHA Gummy – Orange Flavor
  • Prenatal Fiber + Probiotic Soft Chew – Vanilla Carmel
  • Prenatal Sleep Aid Soft Chew – Chocolate
  • Prenatal Enegry Drink – Watermelon Flavor
  • Lactation Supplement Drink – Mixed Berry Flavor

I received a sample of three of their wonderful products, their Fertility Supplement, Prenantal Sleep Aid, and Lactation Supplement. Most of their products are designed to be safe and effective before, during and after pregnancy. This means if you are breastfeeding after your baby gets here you can still use their prenantal vitamins without concern.

I love their story. Here is just a small piece of what they are all about…

“Premama┬« was born from the idea that daily prenatal essentials and maternity supplements should be easy to take and easy on the stomach. Since 2011, Premama has endeavored to make all moms happier with its best-in-class line of natural powdered supplements formulated to support preconception through postnatal nutritional needs, concerns and conditions. Our pill-free, drink mix solutions contain high-quality, clinically-studied and physician-approved ingredients, and are designed to blend seamlessly with liquids and soft foods. Just mix and enjoy! “

Who doesn’t want vitamins that are easy on the stomach and taste good during pregnancy. You feel terrible enough in your first and third trimester. Having a vitamin that not only tastes good but also helps with some of the symptoms sounds like a win win. I was lucky enough to get to sample three of their products, two drinkable powders and one of the soft chews.

Premama Fertility Supplement:

This is the first one I tried. My husband and I are not currently looking to get pregnant BUT that does not mean its off the table. I was curious about their claim that it was taste free. I have tried a lot of powders over the years that were “taste free”. They always give your water a weird texture or grittiness. Also, taste free does not equal no taste just not a horribly offending flavor. Well, let me tell you this was taste and texture free! I could not believe it.

All I did was mix one packet of the supplement with a glass of water, stirred and boom. It dissolved and there was NO taste. I even had my husband taste it without telling him to see if he noticed anything. Nothing! If we ever start trying for number 3 this will be first on my purchase list.

Premama Prenatal Sleep Aid Soft Chew:

I am not currently pregnant but I have a TON of friends who are. Two of my closest friends are just in their first trimester. In both cases their nausea is keeping them up at night. I offered up three of the soft chews to one of them and was dying to see what she thought. I also took them just to see if it helped me fall asleep. With two little ones under 5 sometimes sleep is harder to find than I would like.

First, she took them and said they helped her nicely. She has always had trouble sleeping. She use to take a lot of melatonin before becoming pregnant. Once there is a bun in the oven that is not recommended as safe. I offered for her to try these and while they were not quite as potent as melatonin, they helped. She was iffy on the taste. I agree they are a bit strong. Make sure you do not take them right after brushing your teeth.

Premama Lactation Supplement Drink:

Lastly, the lactation supplement. I am still breastfeeding my 13 month old daughter. She has some growing issues that could be compromised if I were to stop. She has a very difficult time eating normal food and while we work those issues out breastfeeding is one of her main sources of nutrients. As she gets older she is more and more independent. She does not feed quite as long or often as she used to. My supply is adjusting by reducing. Which in her case is a problem. There are other instances such as when you are sick or dehydrated that your supply can reduce. If that is you, this is a GREAT alternative to the cookies which can taste odd or again more pills.

It has a very pleasant berry flavor. Again NO strange texture or grittiness, great! I can easily see mixing it into my morning smoothie. So far my favorite way to drink it is by taking a water bottle and mixing one packet in with it. Portable and tasty, love it. I will definitely be adding this into my everyday routine!

I would highly recommend getting Premama if you looking for an alternative to all of the big pills you have to take when you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Premama has all of these options to help before, during and after your pregnancy and each costs just $20 for a one month supply. That is on par with the other prenatal vitamins on the market.

You can purchase them either on or their website

Let me know if you have any questions!


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

***I never put anything on the blog I do not personally love. All of the opinions expressed are my own.***

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