Arctic Zero – Can help you fit back into your jeans without losing sweets!

When you become a new mom you are used to eating like a pregnant woman. For 9 months out of the last 12 you have been eating a little bit more. Maybe not eating for two but definitely not watching that wast line for anything but expansion. Now that your baby is here you probably want to get back into that bathing suit within the next year.

I know when I was a new mom the stress was kind of intense. I tended to find my calm in food. Now, I am a breastfeeding mom so while I did get an extra 300 calories per day that isn’t as much as you might suspect.

While I was pregnant we had dessert after dinner most nights. Even if it was something as small as a cookie we had something sweet after every dinner. When it came time to get my pre-baby body back I was having a really hard time giving up this one of the thing I had come to love.

My husband and I tried different things like fruit for dessert and while that worked for a little bit, I missed ice cream. I had seen the new ice creams in the store. The kind which claim they are a healthy alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt. I thought to myself, that cannot possibly be any good. They must taste like cheap cardboard health cookies. You know the kind that you eat to try and trick your brain but it never works. I was never brave enough to buy one. Mostly because I have never tried one. And they are a bit expensive.

Suddenly this beautiful blue Arctic Zero box arrived at my door. I was able to try this fantastic product thanks to Moms Meet! Arctic Zero is, not frozen yogurt, not ice cream but a fit frozen dessert. Sounds great doesn’t!

I opened it with so much anticipation, for at least two weeks my dessert nights were back! Inside I was lucky enough to get 6 flavors! Most of which I had not seen in my grocery store.

We received:

  • Peanut Butter Swirl – Peanut Butter and White Chips swirled in Vanilla
  • Cherry Chocolate Chunk – Cherries and Dark Chocolate chunks swirled in Vanilla
  • Rocky Road Trip – Chocolate with Toasty Almonds and Marshmallows
  • Cookie Shake – An Old Fashioned blend of Cookies and Cream (My favorite so far!!!!)
  • Cake Batter – Smooth whipped batter of Yellow Cake (Very yummy but probably the most non-dairy tasting of the bunch)
  • Salted Caramel – Caramel flavor with a Touch of Sea Salt (I got two bites and my husband stole it from me)

As you can see we were lucky enough to try a range of flavors and there are still 10 flavors on top of those to choose from. You can also find 5 flavors of dipped Arctic Zero bars!! My head explodes with the options.

I am sure you are wondering the pros and cons of Arctic Zero, how does it taste? Well, pretty darn good. After a long time of not having ice cream, partially because my youngest daughter is lactose sensitive this was a nice alternative.

Important Note: Now there is dairy in this fit frozen dessert, when you are breastfeeding and your little one has a sensitivity to dairy this dessert might still bother them. I was able to eat it because I only ate a couple of spoonfuls and gave my daughter pre-pumped milk during those mornings.


Pros: There are a ton!

Arctic Zero is:

  • GMO Free
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Low on the Glycemic Index
  • Contains Protein and Fiber

Pretty awesome right?! Almost seems too good to be true.

Well of course there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • While it is low on the glycemic index it is not sugar free. It contains organic cane sugar and monk fruit concentrate for that sweet flavor.
  • It does contain whey protein, consider that if you tend to be sensitive to it. They ultra filter their product so it is free of the lactose often found in whey protein.
  • It is good. The taste is good, really good but it doesn’t taste like ice cream, it’s more in the frozen yogurt lane.

When you are eating Arctic Zero you are well aware that you are eating a fit frozen dessert. Personally it doesn’t bother me. If I know I am not eating ice cream I don’t expect the exact flavor and texture of ice cream. I actually like the difference. It reminds me that I am doing something good for my body.

The biggest take away from sampling Arctic Zero is what you sacrifice in taste and texture you get back in health and the knowledge you are doing something great for your body and soul.

***I never put anything on the blog I do not personally love. All of the opinions expressed are my own. I received this product for free from Moms Meet (***

While Arctic Zero is not the only fit frozen dessert out there it is the best priced and most available. It varies from $4-$5 at a bunch of different retailers. I personally have seen it in the frozen dessert section at Target, Publix Supermarket, Whole Foods Market and Walmart. Go out, get some, indulge and enjoy!


Kristin – The Perfectionist Mom

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