Teaching our Children: Go Vote!

Today is election day, one of the most important days in our nation. While you might be exhausted from the politics of today, you must go VOTE!

But today is a day with a bigger message. We need to get out there and let our voices as Americans be heard. It does not matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, live in a red or blue leaning state. You need to vote. It is one of the only things an average everyday citizen can do to make their voice heard in a big way. 

People say everyday, “Oh my healthcare is getting so expensive”, “I cannot believe what is happening in Washington”, “What is going on with the weather? These storms are crazy!”. Guess what has a chance of helping effect all of those things, your vote!

If you are one of the millions of Americans reading this who say, “My vote doesn’t count, it doesn’t matter, it’s all rigged!” Just keep in mind if you don’t vote you cannot complain. Go VOTE!
Teaching our children: Go Vote!

The only say you truly have is your vote. You can call and write your congress person, go to rallies, march, write emails, do whatever you think of at the time and all of that is great. The problem is the person in power can ignore ALL of those efforts when they go to actually cast their ballot. The only true voice you have is your VOTE! 

We are in a generation the older generations of our parents and grandparents like to call apathetic, uncaring, unintelligent, and entitled. They think we fail up, that we like to let them make our choices. Guess what by not casting a ballot you are letting them do just that! You are saying, “Hey Grandma, Dad, etc, go ahead and decide what is best for me, my family and my future.” 

Remember this, the baton which they have held for a VERY long time needs to be past. But is can only be past when we are ready to take it. Even if it needs to be forcefully taken.

Remember, they will not be here for a lot of what we are deciding now. We are the ones who will have to clean up the climate, we will have to fix the country. They are making the decisions we and our children will have to deal with for generations to come. 

It is a learning experience for our children. We need to show them that civic responsibility is a cornerstone of their American way of life. We cannot afford to raise another generation we need to convince to get active.

It should not have been this hard or taken these atrocities to get our country off their feet, pay attention and take action. 

Our country was in auto pilot for a while. We became comfortable, which is not bad, its a good thing actually. There were competent leaders, who even if you do not agree wholly with their policy, would not put us in danger. We were safe in knowing our place in the world. 

Now, whether or not you agree with our current Presidents take on things, there is a general sense of upheaval. An unrest in our country.  A feeling of danger. There is an undercurrent of uncomfortable feelings which only we can change. It kind of feels like we are running around with our hair on fire and everyone suddenly noticed and no one can find the water to put it out. The water is your VOTE!

We are at a precipice of change, electing new faces and names into the legislature. More women and minorities are on the ballots than any other time in history. You think no one in Washington looks, sounds, thinks like you? Go out there and vote because chances are in this time, someone does. If these people get into office this time, that will only increase next time.  

So, do yourself a favor, do your children a favor, do your children’s children a favor, go out and VOTE.

Show them the way you stand up and speak your truth. Keep your rights. Stand up to racism, fascism, sexism, and all the other terrible things our children are being exposed to everyday right now. Whether it is on our country or others. 

Voting is the only way to stand up and say your piece in a way those in power can hear. Show them you got the message and you are done. 

With love & GO VOTE!

Kristin Carbery

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