Cleaning Up: Our Home

Have you ever heard the phrase a cluttered home is the sign of a cluttered mind. Personally, I believe it is a very true statement. I know when my home is clean I instantly feel better. I can think clearer, there is less on my to do list, obviously, and knowing I have the extra space and time always helps.

There is a new show on Netflix sweeping the nation, called Tidying Up. I have never seen it personally. But I am all for the concept.

Clutter can give a person anxiety without them even realizing it. Just the clutter alone can make you feel enclosed and trapped; both in your home and in your head. A home is no longer a place of rest or relaxation it is an ever expanding list of to-do’s and projects. Your brain never gets a break and the stress factor is always at a 10.

Another thing that can make a person unhappy with their home is when it becomes stagnant. If you have had the same furniture or decor since you were in college and it is looking tired or worn it can make you mentally exhausted and you may not realize it. Little things can be updated in small ways and really boost your internal happiness meter.

My husband and I have had a lot of our furniture since we got married 8 years ago or from when I was in college and got my own place 14 years ago. While that is not long for some things, for others, its quite a while.

Now add in the fact where there is clutter, dust and dirt follow. The more stuff; the more there is to clean. You are not only adding more work for yourself but you are adding more potential for allergens, bacteria, and mold. Each of these things can make you sick.

A perfect example of is your kids plastic bath toys. I am sure you have heard this but if you are a new mommy it might be something you have not thought of. Water easily gets into those toys, heck that’s half the fun! The problem is it can be incredibly challenging to get it all out. Mix it with soap and the days dirt and you have a lovely recipe for MOLD. They mold faster than most expect.

There are plenty of ways to keep them clean with different vinegar solutions or alcohols. The best way I have found to have those toys last longer than a couple months is too hot glue the openings shut and call it a day!

When you are doing a truly deep cleaning you need to do it properly and this means protecting yourself. The tools you need of course all depends on how dirty your home is so here is a totally comprehensive list you can print.

  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Facemask
  • Three sponges – one with scrubby side, two all soft
  • Magic Erasers
  • Vacuum
  • Knee Pads
  • Dust Cloth
  • Large Sheets or tarps (to cover furniture)
  • All Proper cleaning sprays

I know to keep my family healthy I need to keep my home clean. That is something I have always been pretty good about. Both my husband and I hate dirt and dust. We cannot stand a dirty home. One thing we wanted to learn was a greener, healthier way to clean. How can we do it with less chemicals and but just as much cleaning power.

So we wrote down our goals for this major piece of cleaning up our lives. They were…

  • Getting rid of the clutter around the house
  • Updating our outdated home/decor on a very tight budget
  • Deep Cleaning each room/section of our home
  • Finding new, green, ways to keep our home clean
  • Coming up with a mental decluttering plan

If we were able to achieve these goals not only would our home be thoroughly decluttered, redone, and refreshed but so would our minds.

Reducing visual clutter and giving your surroundings a good scrub can change your entire perspective. It will not only brighten your home but also your mind. It reduces stress and helps you clean up your mental clutter.

Next…..How we are cleaning up our diets!

How do you like to clean your surroundings? Do you find giving your home a spring/fall cleaning helps refresh your mind and body?



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