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Little ones can be so much fun to shop for! The clothes, the blankets, the TOYS!!! I love it all so much. Seriously, the toys just make me melt every time. I do try to only buy toys that teach. It is something that is near and dear to my heart having a minor in psychology with a specialization/certificates in child development and child psychology. I love to watch them learn and have fun at the same time.

Please enjoy this list of wonderful toys to buy for the littlest members of your family this year!

Discovery Toys:

One of my favorite brands of toys EVER is Discovery Toys. I grew up with them, my kids are growing up with them and I could not love them more. They have some new toys this year so I will feature those here BUT my classic favorites can be found in these posts too!

Tipsy – This cute little owl has a lovely chime that keeps baby happy and engaged. It’s textured belly and fun eyes that roll up and down. There is a sturdy loop that baby can grab when they get older to take their fun friend along anywhere.

Twisty Clicks – I wish they had this when my girls were babies. They loved rattles that they could grab and shake. A rattle that they could pull apart and twist and manipulate would have blown their little minds.

Groovy Frog – This friendly frog usually ends up being a little ones best friend. He is colorful, has a tummy that just won’t quit for added optic interest and legs to chew on for days. I like that he is not too big for babies hands but big enough to keep a toddlers interest. A winner on all fronts.

Try-Angle – Now I had thought I had seen this a million times but then I looked at it again. This toy unfolds! It can be a triangle, or a Z or flat! So cool. It has gears, it has dials, spinners, sound effects, self discovery mirror, slides, and cranks. A toy that could keep your babe busy for hours.

Check out these posts for more AMAZING Discovery toys!

Fisher Price Linkimals :

I cannot decide if I love this or hate this but either way it is SO COOL. Just remember, if you decide to get all five, turn them off at night because the last thing you need is to trip over one at night and the entire toy room lights up singing and dancing…or even better the toys in the nursery!!!

Smooth Moves Sloth– This little guy is my absolute favorite. He is cute, moves, sings and keeps babies and toddlers so entertained! My niece is getting this little guy under the tree!

Happy Shapes Hedgehog – This fun friend teaches you all about shapes and colors. Little ones can spin and turn the pieces on the top. When they get older they can pull their friend along on adventures. The Hedgehog sings and lights up for so many fun moments.

A to Z Otter – This little guy is SO CUTE! His little face can just melt your heart. When your little ones are starting to get into letters this is the perfect gift in the Linkimals family. He teaches every letter of the alphabet. He plays over a 125 songs, sounds and phrases. It doesn’t get much better than that mom and dad!

Musical Moose – This little one is awesome and when I say little I mean little. This moose is about half the size of the Sloth making it perfect to take in the car or to a restaurant. He has soft antlers so it can’t poke baby in the eye and is a bobble head to keep baby happy. I really like this one.


Lights & Colors Llama – This is your favorite classic ring stacking toy with a fun twist. It lights up, sings, and has an awesome llama head!

Again, remember to turn off at night…adult nightmares will happen as toys will randomly turn on alone 🙂

Floor Mats:

A floor mat was the one thing that was a must have for us when we had our girls. We took them everywhere with us. It did not matter whose house we went too a floor mat traveled with us. You just never know how clean a floor is and this way your little ones are always occupied.

Kick & Play Piano Gym – This floor mat is so awesome. First, it has such a great price point. Second, it grows with your child. When they are infants they can kick the piano with those adorable baby feet and learn cause and effect. When they get a little bigger, they can sit up and “play” it with their hands. It also comes with detached maracas! The toy arch is bright and colorful, can be either gender neutral or girly. Lastly, it is the perfect rectangular size. This is a winner.

These next three mats are square, each has really cute friends that hang from the cross bars which go above babies head. Lastly, each comes with a nice mirror to engage baby and make them smile:

Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Baby Play Mat & Gym

Infantino 4-in-1 Twist & Fold Activity Gym & Play Mat

All of these are gender neutral and super cute. I would have happily bought any of these for our little ones. We did in fact, have an earlier version of the Rainforest gym for our girls and they both loved it immensely.

Whatever you decide to get the smallest members of your family this year make sure they are educational, cute, and fun. There is nothing better than watching their little faces light up with joy when they play with these toys.



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