Gift Guide: Wins for every Kid on your List!

While I know there are certain gifts that lend themselves toward boys and others toward girls there are plenty of gifts that are amazing for both! Those tend to be my favorite gifts to gift. They usually inspire kids to use their imagination or learn new things. Gender neutral toys tend to be some of my favorites. Here is a great list for this and every birthday or holiday season.

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Games :

With games I am all about new twists on old classics. I think there is always room for more games in our lives!

Games are really a gift for the whole family. These are all games with fun twists.

Pictionary Air – This is a cool twist on a classic favorite. You do need a tablet or phone to play this game. You take the pen and draw in the air and can even interact with some of your drawings. I would recommend this game for older kids but it seems like a great family game night.

Bugs in the Kitchen – This game is cool because it has a fun high tech twist too. The bug in your kitchen is a Hexbug. It has a fun 3D maze and fun, fast action for kids of all ages.

Ms.Monopoly – This time it is all about this ladies! Mr. Monopoly’s niece has taken over and she is here to play. This game is awesome! It is all about female empowerment. The game spaces each represent an invention that would not be here without the direct contribution of a woman. There is a pay gap and everything. I think it is fabulous!

Giant Wood Block Stack & Tumble Tower Toppling Blocks Game – Jenga! Scream it loud and proud when it comes tumbling down. This one is HUGE! I love the big twist is this games colossal size. I have to say there are few things more fun then playing this with friends on a weekend.

Twister Ultimate – Being active while playing a game is always awesome but this puts an amazing twist on just being twisted in knots. The mat is larger, the spinner has new options (spot elimination or let the spinner chose the next spot!), and its Alexa compatible! What does that mean?? You can all play together, just enable your Alexa skill and she will be your spinner!! LOVE THIS!


These tech gifts are perfect for kids looking to tech up this year. cameras, Nintendo and Alexa are just some of the perfect tech gifts this year.

Digital Camera for Kids – If you have a little one age 3-8 this might be a great option for a camera for you. They see us taking pictures all day on our phones and let me tell you they get some great ones. This is a perfect option for them.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with full accessory package – If you have an older child this is a wonderful package to purchase. I would also recommend this for yourself or a close friend.

Nintendo Switch (original red/blue controller set) the Nintendo game still storming the world. If you love Nintendo like our family this is a must get! The accessory options and games are endless like Neon Pink / Neon Green controllers which not only give you two extras for a bigger family but also give your girls a chance for their favorite color.

Nintendo Switch Lite – if you are looking for a Nintendo on the go here it is!

Echo Dot Kids Edition – We happen to have an Alexa in most of the rooms of our house. Our kids use them for timers, games, music, get extra bedtime stories we don’t own and call their cousins who live around the world. This one is cool because it is small, rainbow, and just adorable!

STEAM Activities –

Gifts for those with big minds filled with curiosity!

Osmo – My older daughters first grade teacher introduced this to us and my daughter fell in love. As a result, we are getting them the whole suite Little Genius Starter Kit, Genius Starter Kit, and Creative Starter Kit for Christmas. They have so many amazing games and I will do an entire post after the holidays but Osmo is great for kids from 3-13. I love that is grows with them. The only thing needed is a tablet.

Robots!! – A huge thing right now are robots! They are taking over and are awesome. They can do all kinds of things but this kids need to tell them what to do and that is amazing. I love watching them learn how to do this. Here are two very cool robots to gift your kids…Botley the Coding Robot or for the artistic type, Artie 3000 The Coding Robot.

Magna Tiles – these are awesome. They are the ultimate building blocks so to speak. They come in a 32 set size if you are just wanting to see if your kid will like them, I guarntee they will. Or they have a 100 Piece Set for the ultimate builder!

My First Mind Blowing Science Kit – If you have a budding scientist on your hands or just a curious kid who loves to make a mess discovering the world this is a great cheaper gift. Has up to 11 activities and is fun for the whole family. I highly recommend this.

Active Toys –

Best toys to get your kids up and active this year.

Its seems like every year we are trying to find something for our kids to play with outside. We are an active family. We love going outside and biking, using scooter, playing soccer, football, swimming, or outdoor games. I feel like our girls are always out growing or destroying their outdoor toys. With that in mind here are some gifts kids can find under the tree this year if you are looking for a gift to get them out and get some fresh air in those lungs!

Bikes – Schwinn Elm Girl’s Bike, Schwinn Koen Boy’s Bike, bikes are always a popular thing to find under the tree. These are wonderful because they are built to fit your child as they grow.

Razor Electric Scooters – Always a favorite. They come in Green or Pink.

Star Paddles – These are perfect for beach days or days! They are challenging for us but easy enough that our girls can play too!

Hydro Launch – We have bought this toy for every single one of the kids in our family. It is ALWAYS a hit! Control the water pressure with the pump and watch the rocket launch high into the air. So much fun for the kids!

I am hoping with this extensive gift list you are able to find something for this kiddos on your list this year. There are lists for both boys and girls specifically, of course, coming soon! I tried to make it short but lets be honest, when it comes to the kids if I could get every gift they asked for I would.



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