The Perfect Unicorn Birthday Party

I have the best kind of typical 5 year old girl. She loves every thing sparkles, princesses, rainbows and of course the majestic Unicorn!!! Everything is beautiful, pretty, glittery, and wonderful. She lives in a bit of a fantasy land and I could not be more supportive of it. With all of the nasty stuff in the world today I want my baby girl to live in a beautiful world as long as possible.

For her 5th birthday, I consider it one of the “BIG” birthdays, we decided to do a big party. Not just any party but a Unicorn and Rainbow party. I decided to DIY the heck out of it! It was awesome.


The location was essential to her party this year because the park we were able to reserve had not just a beautiful playground, pavilion and grassy area but also the cherry on the sundae, a carousel!

The perfect place to hold a unicorn theme party is a park but as long as you have open space you can make any area beautiful.


Now unicorns are suddenly very popular. In fact, the party store was pulling the newest unicorn stuff out of the box and setting up the section in the aisle as I was shopping for her party.

We did the typical banners, streamers, and balloons. One of which was a stand alone balloon. Very cute and a huge hit with the kids. Then I decided we needed some extra DIY touches to make it super special.

DIY Unicorn Decor

I had purchased some watercolor drawings off of Etsy for her invitations. They were so beautiful.

Then I took one of those unicorn heads and created my very own Pin the Horn on the Unicorn board. We printed it out to poster size and placed it on one side of a large foam board. I made my own horn stickers and BAM DIY pin the horn on the unicorn game.

On the other side of the foam board I created a Find your Unicorn name board. The kids had SO MUCH FUN with this. Even the adults were laughing hysterically.  It was one of the best ideas of the party.


The food we chose directly went with the decorations. We had a rainbow fruit tray, rainbow veggie tray, unicorn poop (rice crispie treats formed into balls), a big pile of Lucky Charms, and rainbow punch. Then we also had chicken nuggets, chips and a cheese tray. Staples of pretty much any party.

Unicorn Food

All of the wonderful colors really helped add to the over all feel of the party.

The cherry on the sundae or candle on the cake I guess was the dessert. I made a beautiful buttercream unicorn cake with multi layered rainbow inside. We also had cupcakes to go along with it just in case someone wasn’t feeling the rainbow.


As I mentioned we had the Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game which was adorable and funny. We used cray paper for a blindfold and the kids had a great time trying to one up each other.

We also had a DIY special Unicorn Ring toss. Take a foam cone from the floral department, carve a spiral around it to create a horn look. Then you spray paint it gold, because everyone knows unicorn horns are gold. Place a wooden dowel into the middle and boom! You have your very own unicorn horn. I then went in search of the perfect rings. I found them in pool rings. The kind you toss to the bottom to dive for. This way they are slightly weighted and we can reuse them later. Perfect!

Unicorn Games - Unicorn Ring Toss, Rainbow Yarn Maze, Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

Next, I created a rainbow yarn maze in the wooded area next to the pavilion. This would take a bit too long to explain so you can find details in an upcoming post. Basically it is a bunch of different colored yarns intermixed to create an awesome maze.

Perfect Ending:

The perfect ending to a perfect unicorn filled day!

We then all hiked over to the carousel for a couple rides and then off to the park every kid went. It was the perfect end to the perfect day. She was a princess in her ears and horn and turned 5 just two days later. We could not have asked for more.

What other unicorn party ideas do you have? What is your favorite DIY project from this party?



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