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Every parent is special and every parent raises their children differently.

Welcome to MOMentous Moms. We are a group of moms who like a lot of you are just trying to figure out this parenting journey and do it with little grace and a lot of humor. We are sassy and sweet and try not to sugar coat anything from TTC to wanting to strangle your tween. Between us we have 4 girls and 3 boys ranging from 1- 8 years old. So you see there is someone for everyone to relate to. Welcome and hold on for the journey!

We feel that no matter if you are married, single, gay, straight, old or young, etc, etc, you are a super mom. Whether you are the mom that never remembers extra diapers to the one that can spot a fever from a hundred yards away we are all equal. Each of us brings something new and different to the table. We would love for you to feel connected and relate to us.

This is a page of no judgement. The one thing we have found on tons and tons of “Mommy-blogs” is that everyone is so harsh an uncompromising to each other. None of that will be happening here. Each and every view and opinion expressed here is valid. If you feel the need to correct please let us know and we will look into the situation. So often in life we decide what is right and do not even listen to other points of view on a subject. You should feel secure in your choices but you should also have the patience to listen to others. Anyone caught chastising another parent will be asked not to return. Again this is not a place of judgement, NO MOMSTERS ALLOWED!!

Let’s end the oh so popular “Mommy-Wars” and support each other. We all have at least one thing in common, we are MOMentous Moms.

PS – You do not need to be a Mom to participate on this site, we welcome parents of all genders, ages and backgrounds. We firmly believe that even considering parenting is a momentous occasion in a human beings life, nothing is bigger than family.

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