• Swimming Pool Safety

    Swimming Pool Safety

    It’s Summer Time!!! Yay (sigh)! Summer time brings with it BBQ’s, no school and swimming pools. Swimming pool-related accidents are a common occurrence in the state of Florida and around the country. What age did you/will you be putting your children in…

  • Have baby will travel...part 1

    Have Baby…Will Travel (Part 1)

    One of the things that new parents, second and third-time parents, heck I think almost all parents fear is traveling with their young children. Especially on public transit. I’m not only talking about subways but airplanes, trains, and buses too.…

  • Kids and a hot car DO NOT mix!

    Kids and a Hot car don’t mix!

    Kids and a hot car do not mix! In this world of technology, we all too often are distracted in the car.  As parents, our brains tend to go a mile a minute and if it is not a habit we might…

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