• Magnesium Oil - My wonder cure

    Magnesium Oil-My Wonder “Cure”

    Have you ever heard of a magnesium deficiency? Neither had I. That was until I suffered so many wackadoo issues with my pregnancies. Shoot, even when I’m not pregnant. I always felt exhausted, had not had a great nights sleep…

  • “Investing” in Organic

    So by now you are probably cross eyed with my organic and GMO talk. I promise this one will be the last…. For a little while! I’ve said it before- we are an 80/20 family. I try my best to…

  • GMO = BAD, Here is why

    GMO = BAD, BAD, BAD. Let me reiterate…… GMO=BAD! Not only does it hurt your overall health and well-being, it contributes to eradicating the traditional farmer. The guy who, back in the day, provided food for thousands without using one…

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