• Baby Fever, why siblings are important

    Baby Fever! Why siblings are Important

    Two of the things my husband and I disagree about are pregnancy and siblings. Morning sickness, constipation, backaches, swollen feet and trouble getting around, those are the things my husband remembers from my pregnancy. Excitement, feeling those first flutters of…

  • This very girlie mom is the mom of two boys!

    How does a Girly-Girl Mom get Two Boys?

    Please Welcome our first guest Mom! She is the mother of two amazing little boys, The Meant-To-Be Mom I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Played house, nurtured baby dolls, gawked at babies in the mall. When I finally got…

  • A New School Year is here!

    A New School Year is Here!

    A new school year is starting! Parents everywhere rejoice in the fact that their kids are off and making new friends. With a new school year come new challenges. How will they like their teachers, friends, classes and possibly new…

  • Kids and a hot car DO NOT mix!

    Kids and a Hot car don’t mix!

    Kids and a hot car do not mix! In this¬†world of technology, we all too often are distracted in the car.¬† As parents, our brains tend to go a mile a minute and if it is not a habit we might…

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