Meet Our Moms

Meet our moms:

Kristin – The Perfectionist, always striving for perfection is not easy, agonizing over each choice and educating herself on every aspect of the parenting world, she hopes to find it.

Jackie – The Hot Mess, trying the best she can each day with the insanely busy schedule she has.

Brandy – The No-So-Single, with her husband traveling all of the time she gets to take care of her big girl and home all by herself and does it well.

Jenn – The Naturalist, getting by on what she can get from the earth, she likes to keep it natural and let others in on her secrets.

Kay – The Rookie, she is a first-time mom to a very active toddler boy. Her life revolves around her son, husband, and dog. She adjusting to many new changes in her life and living it to the fullest.

You are sure to find someone you can identify with, probably more than one. If you are interested in checking out a specific mom’s blogs searching her name in the search bar will pull up all her posts! If you wish to see what they all have to offer click the MOMentous icon on the top. We will be discussing our views on certain subjects on a weekly basis, if you would like to submit ideas please feel free to either mention them in the comments below or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.


Your MOMentous Moms


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